What calls Wright to be asked for integratedly

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1916, a Prussian officer is mixed in bellyacke blood after 8 days, occurrence arthritis, conjunctivitis and urethritis, after a few days, the symptom is reduced, 3 week hind have a relapse again urethritis and film of element of hint given with the eyes are phlogistic. Doctor of spy of another name for Jiangxi Province recorded this one process, name this disease with his name later, say ask for integratedly for Wright. Now, rheumatism learns the home to think, the person that have conjunctivitis, arthritis and urethritis, call complete model Wright is asked for integratedly, have neck of urethritis, palace only phlogistic and dysenteric wait for initiative infection, with the patient that produces arthritis subsequently, call not complete model Wright is asked for integratedly. Actually, not complete model than complete model more common.
Wright asks for alive bound each district integratedly to all have a story. A lot of research confirm, this disease is a kind of commonner rheumatism sex disease, it is one of causes with the commonnest arthritis of young male phlogistic sex. Of the men and women it is 10-20 than making an appointment with: 1, over 16-35 year old come on, children and old people are scarce.
Cause the account that Wright solicits integratedly to not be clear about up to now, affect and be two big main factors hereditarily. Ever departed in the urethral, conjunctiva of this ill patient, synovia and slippery film a trachoma garment former put oneself in another's position, detect give particularity to fight antibody of trachoma garment former put oneself in another's position, but not be all Wright asks for a patient integratedly to be able to depart come out. Alvine path affects bacili of sex of the much Lan Yin that it is change, include bacterium of congratulate of annals of blessing family name, Sramana bacterium, pylorus screw bacterium and Ye Er dark bacterium. Those who go back on his word to solicit a patient especially integratedly is familial come on incline to, and there are rachitis of sex of Di Qia arthritis, rigidity and psoriasis to come on in patient relative the addition of several, hint this disease has genetic effect. Wright of charm of 75 % above asks for antigen of leucocyte of mankind of ill factitious HLA—B27(integratedly - B27) electropositive, support genetic factor to participate in more come on.

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