Fiber myalgia is asked for integratedly how to be treated

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Because fiber myalgia is integrated the cause of disease that impose is unidentified, because this is right its remedial method is not much; Current treatment basically is to improve Morpheus position, the sensitivity of receptor of bring down sense of pain, improve muscle blood stream to wait. Remedial facet is the most important is to give a patient the explanation. Above all, the patient should know fiber to myalgia is asked for integratedly and won't cause deformity clearly, won't endanger life more, prognostic and good, get be comfortinged greatestly thereby, with removing the patient's angst is mixed depressed. Invigorative or of mood scar inducement should give untangle. This that is to say, psychotherapy is a more important than medicationing facet. The patient should improve Morpheus hard, cooperate cure with positive attitude; Should notice heat preservation at ordinary times, avoid chill and moisture; Undertake physical training appropriately, in order to enhance a constitution.
In medication respect, at present idealer medicaments is:
A rice is replaced forest 10 milligram, but according to the circumstance, slow add to 20—30 milligram, or Xi of age of amine benzene annulus (easy sth resembling a net is smooth) 10—40 milligram, all take to sleep before one times. They are had fight depressed, remove flesh convulsion achieves improvement the action such as Morpheus. Its side-effect has an opening at, pharynx painful, constipation. Because applied dosage is lesser, the patient can be able to bear or endure mostly suffer.
Additional, chloric Zun Sha Zongneng reduces flesh ache and whole body to feel stiff, every time 0. 2 grams, daily 3.
Acupuncture, massage, sympathetic block is broken, pain spot closes etc also but try out.

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