Reactivity arthritis has what show

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Reactivity arthritis is asymmetry small arthritis, basically be in lower limbs, see more most with genu, ankle and Zhi foot joint, of course, also see be put into trouble of upper limbs joint. Still tendon carries pathological change, expression is with tendon film of Zhi heart muscle is phlogistic, phlogistic reach sufficient with painful. Backache is common, the patient that has 28 % is in arthritis of Qia of indication Di of line of acute period X. In addition, be like male urethritis, female palace neck is phlogistic (do not have semiotic) more, colonitis, iris is phlogistic, vortical keratosis of skin of sex of pus of phlogistic, excessive reachs shape glans the joint appearance such as oral cavity ulcer shows, often can provide important clue to diagnose.
The blood that examines a patient sees leucocyte heighten, erythrocyte sedimentation rate is added fast, c reacts albumen lifts, antigen of HLA—B27(mankind leucocyte - B27) is electropositive, level of serum particularity antibody is elevatory, make water and defecate education can obtain positive result, serum kind the certain to diagnosing this disease to have help such as rheumatism factor negative.
The following can serve as diagnostic basis: The interval that arthritis of distance of ① van infection comes on period average L—2 week; ② is restricted oneself sexual course, arthritis is in commonly 3-5 the subsidise inside the month, individual patient amounts to 1 year; ③ typical symptom is the inflammation of asymmetry, big cautious joint, can accompany hair tendon to carry disease; ④ can concern the expression outside the section; ⑤ articulatory fluid is bacteriological the examination is electronegative, serum kind rheumatism factor is negative; ⑥ and antigen of HLA—B27(mankind leucocyte - closely related B27) .
According to the closest research, tetracycline cure can shorten farming the course of diseases of arthritis of the reactivity after former put oneself in another's position is affected; Double chloric fragrance acid natrium (help him up forest) wait for the newer system that be not steriod kind antiphlogistic anodyne can control articulatory synovitis; Pyridine of willow nitrogen sulphur can react as antagonism phlogistic medicaments one kind of poorer patient assists cure; Odd arthritis is feasible candy is coriaceous hormone joint antrum injects. Butterfly Ling applies to armour ammonia chronic Cheng reachs pair of above to treat reaction not beautiful person.

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