What is reactivity arthritis

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Reactivity arthritis is to show a group of afterwards are sent after at the body other position is affected, joint of occurrence phlogistic sex of sex of a kind of asepsis is ill, examine the evidence that is less than pathogen existence from beginning to end in slippery film of arthritis, if pathogen can be checked in articulatory antrum, call infection sex arthritis.

Consider to discover in great quantities according to coming nearly 20 years, reproduction of make water of the Sramana bacterium, bowel way that pays former put oneself in another's position, bacterium or virus place to cause, secrete fastens infection to all can cause reactivity arthritis. About 1 % - the bowel of 3 % or the patient of infection of department of reproduction of secrete make water can produce reactivity arthritis. The opportunity of the sicken of reactivity arthritis men and women of alvine path origin is same, the reactivity arthritis after reproduction of secrete make water fastens infection basically happens in the male.

Because reactivity arthritis is You Mou,reproduction of secrete make water fastens infection place to cause, and this disease patient is great majority —B27) of antigen of HLA—B27(mankind leucocyte is electropositive. Accordingly, conjectural reactivity arthritis is by the outside factor and place of genetic factor interplay are caused.

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