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1916, hansReiter report is in Prussian army, suffer from arthritis, blame to drench film of coccus urethritis, union is phlogistic the case of illness of 3 disease, call luck to be asked for especially integratedly later. 1969, ahvonen puts forward reactivity arthritis (the concept of Reactivearthritis) . At present Western Europe scholar thinks reactivity arthritis is not complete model Reiter is asked for integratedly. Concern the Reiter of a phlogistic expression to be asked for integratedly only namely. 1981, the definition of the reactivity arthritis that American rheumatism learns to put forward is to accompany urethritis, palace after the neck is phlogistic, continuously the arthritis of above of a month. The one arthritis crossing a gender that Goldkmithlong reported children the upper respiratory tract happens after streptococcic infection 1982. Arthritis of the reactivity after calling streptococcic infection at present (Poststreptococcalreactivearthritis, PSRA)[1, 3] .

The article is brief those who introduce reactivity arthritis is current concept and the progress that its study.

1 concept

The  proposal according to Ahvonen, the definition of reactivity arthritis is the asepsis sex arthritis that causes after microbial infection. Still include in Euramerican country at present not complete model Reiter is asked for integratedly [1, 2] .

2 pathogenies

The report with  current foundation, can say great majority is microbial after infection, all can cause reactivity arthritis, main component is 3 big kinds [1, 5] : After ① is not clap sex urethritis, come on model: After basically be diarrhoea of sex of bacterium of ② of; of garment former put oneself in another's position, come on model: Basically be Er of Sramana bacterium, annals congratulate bacterium, Ye dark bacterium, curve ③ of; of bacterium, vibrio come on after streptococcic infection model: Basically be streptococcic; tonsil phlogistic (tonsil recess abscess) cause still include other a lot of bacteria.  still has helicoid of a former put oneself in another's position, Bao Rou, cloth in addition former put oneself in another's position of virus of rash bacili, Bedsonia, pneumonic garment [1-4, 8]  .

3 hair interpretation of the cause is made

Exist inside 3.1 joint microbial or its composition [9] : Fluid of the current slippery film organization that considers to had confirmed reactivity arthritis patient, slippery film and its are sedimentary in existence causes disease microbial, be like garment former put oneself in another's position, part of etc bacterium body is like DNA or other antigen part. Current, RNA of former put oneself in another's position of the structure of whole garment former put oneself in another's position in using electric lens to be able to see slippery film is organized, garment. Former put oneself in another's position of garment of latter and strong hint is vivid nearly most, because RNA is enzymatic,can destroy old RNA. Schumacher[3] is in former a research of cross is medium, all round the deep blood-vessel that discovers slippery film organizes consist in of most RNA of garment former put oneself in another's position cell. The Granlors odd clone antibody that uses particularity of qualitative to fat of bacterium of pathogeny sex Sramana polysaccharide, the slippery film cell of patient of arthritis of the reactivity after studying enteritis of 9 Sramanas bacterium, the result all is masculine gender 9 times, antigen of qualitative polysaccharide of fat of bacterium of Sramana of the existence in the cell of joint slippery film that shows these patients. Kuo [10] uses immune cytology and PCR enlarge to add a method, in confirming spot of sclerosis of appearance of congee of coronary artery of consist in of garment former put oneself in another's position, think likelihood and process of sclerosis of arterial congee appearance concern pneumonic garment former put oneself in another's position. In 3.2 joint microbial or its composition origin and way: What current research makes clear infection human body is microbial reach its composition to arrive at articulatory likelihood to have following way: ① blood travels [3] : Old research makes clear, joint action resembles the one part of meshy endodermis system, the first part that and be the infection factor in the loop or other grain settles. Vein inject grain, it is at first from hemal leakage, is not initiative gobble up action to support this. The pathogen of preliminary in the research of Guinea pig proof such as Whittum  Hudson diffuses generally articulatory. ② cell carries [3] : A few research prove the likelihood is to pass a cell to carry joint as a result. Think at present garment former put oneself in another's position by leucocyte (basically be huge bite cell) joint carries after gobbling up. Granlors [the research proof of 4] : Existence fat qualitative polysaccharide and bacterial structure confirm inside outer week blood-vessel and slippery film cell, the likelihood is be carried inside the cell articulatory. 3.3HLA  B27 is in the action in reactivity arthritis [3, 11  13] : Arthritis of reactivity of electropositive patient of HLA  B27 is relatively common, ever called the arthritis that concerns with HLA  B27. Rate of positive of B27 of  of HLA of case of illness of arthritis of the reactivity after Keat reports alvine source sex appeal is caught amounts to 72% ~ 84% . HLA  B27 and Di Qia arthritis are concerned, not as close as other arthritis relation. In arthritis of dependency of garment former put oneself in another's position, the occurence rate of Di Qia arthritis is in for 33%; electropositive patient of B27 of  of 1 group of HLA, di Qia arthritis increases to 54% . The action in the pathology process of reactivity arthritis has not be clear about HLA  B27 completely up to now: ① thinks about the report influence of HLA  B27 gobbles up the likelihood the cellular processing to the bacterium dark bacterium of B27 of  of; ② HLA and Ye Er and albumen of annals congratulate bacterium have similar amino acerbity series, the imitate that learns because of this a member can produce serum across to react, alternate reaction may be brought about be able to bear or endure suffer and the interaction that the abidance of pathogen puts between; ③ change and cell. The research outside body proves recently, bacterium of Sramana of partial typhoid fever invades Queen of heaven of the number inside the cell of education, turning there still is much bacterium style to exist inside the cell that caught HLA  B27, with turn the cell that catchs HLA  A2 forms bright contrast, although this specification does not react via immunity, HLA  B27 is mixed with respect to changeable cell cellular interaction [3] . ④ reports arthritis of the reactivity after streptococcic infection and dependency of HLA  B27 are not apparent recently, but likelihood and HLA  B39 and the HLA that show with B27 across reacts are concerned [1, 3] . The place on put together is narrated, the hair ill mechanism of reactivity arthritis may be pathogen infection, adopt blood and cellular approach next, the activity is spent low (foster negative namely) pathogen or part of its bacterium body are carried articulatory, existence of HLA  B39) is like to fall in HLA  B27 or the other HLA(that have alternate reaction with its, produce alternate reaction, form complex to the immunity of pathogen and HLA matter, cause arthritic disease thereby.  the arthritis of the reactivity after studying Sramana bacterium is affected such as Granfors, card slips really in velar fluid cell, put in polysaccharide of Sramana bacterium fat, a when think be being put in bacterial fat polysaccharide in slippery film is mechanism of reactivity arthritis pathology main factor [12, 14, 15] .
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