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First international that the last ten-day of a month Director Li Xiulan played to be held in Harbin city on invitation in August combines traditional Chinese and Western medicine on rheumatism learning conference, the conference announced a newest findings: Among the one hundred and six thousand six hundred and seventy-eight person of our country of investigation be samplinged, rheumatism patient reachs eighteen thousand five hundred and fifty-two person, scale is as high as 17. 39 % , exceed six of gross.

This investigation is combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine by China institutional rheumatism kind disease major committee began proceed 1990. The purpose of investigation is to master rheumatism kind of the disease come on the rule, study precaution and the efficient way that its treat thereby, investigation undertakes inside full range. Arrive at present, already 19 provinces such as Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Qinghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Guangxi, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government completed investigation work.

The object cent of investigation is natural crowd and specific crowd two parts. Natural crowd investigates a number sixty-six thousand nine hundred and eighty-one person, 9383 person of fish rheumatism patient, sicken is led 14. 1 % . Among them patient of rheumatism sex arthralgia is in the majority, reach 8293 person. Specific crowd basically is steward of worker of person of come off work of well of spin worker, ferroalloy factory worker, laboratory worker, oil worker, mining area, hospital, forest worker, engine wait. Findings makes clear, the rheumatism in special type crowd kind the sicken of the disease is led all crowd of nature of apparent prep above. Investigate a number thirty-nine thousand six hundred and ninety-seven person, sicken 9169 person, sicken is led 23. 1 % . This shows, rheumatism kind disease and people place are engaged in a profession having close correlation.


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