What does articulatory function have

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— moves the with one action of people to cannot leave joint, articulatory main function is motion. Their athletic form is varied, athletic limits also is put in the difference with very big move. Every articulatory normal territory often suffers the age, sexual distinction, fat thin affect with what exercise a circumstance. Common law is young, female, body the thin, person that often take exercise, its articulatory territory is older; And aged, male, fat, seldom the person that take exercise, its articulatory territory is lesser.

Articulatory athletic form basically divides group: Qu Heshen, adduction (joint stands by body central line) outside mixing, exhibit (joint leaves body central line) , inward turning and outward turning. If the ancon of upper limbs is articulatory, can make Quhe extend a group of actions, wrist can be made Qu Heshen, adduction and outside postpone two groups of actions; Humeral joint can be made Qu Shen, adduction and outside exhibit, inward turning and outward turning 3 groups of movements.

Joint should move, also need to stabilize, this pair is contradictory, get be unitied faultlessly through articulatory and special structure. Form articulatory cartilage, the slippery film layer of articulatory bursa, the synovia inside articulatory antrum and antrum, be helpful for articulatory activity; The muscle tensity all round the ligament of the fiber layer of articulatory bursa, articulatory inside and outside, joint, be helpful for enhancing articulatory stability. Will look from the function, the joint with good stability, mobile sex is restricted certainly; The joint with mobile big sex, stability is affected certainly again. Be like: The main function of rachis depends on supporting weight and protective spinal cord, accordingly, the stability of rachis joint is big and mobile sex is small; The main function of upper limbs is an activity, accordingly, the mobile sex of upper limbs joint is big and stability is small.

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