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…… of basketball, football, badminton walks out of busy job and study, a lot of youths like and friend together, make an appointment playground, gymnasium, shu Huoshu vivid bones and muscles, enjoy the feeling of delighted dripping wet after a suit perspires all over. But, because play a ball game when too “ throws ” , intense contend for body collision happens in grabbing, “ hangs stipple ” also unavoidable. The expert points out, injury of knee joint, gambrel is most common, occupy the 1/4~1/5 that motion harms about. Those who make a person anxious is, after links of a lot of people gets hurt, illuminate X mating plate to the hospital, discovery does not have fracture, think everything is just fine, oneself brush bit of red attar casually. Actually, form articulatorily very complex, ” of “ spare parts is very much, resemble among them ligament and cartilage damage, check at all according to X mating plate do not come out. If small cut of respect of these ligament, cartilage does not have seasonable processing, meeting the activity as human body is more and more serious, and even cause lifelong regret.

Injury of genu, gambrel is the commonnest

“ is very much sprain of person ignored joint, strut, think and loss of general contusion, parenchyma is similar. Zhang Tongren of doctor of vice director of sports medicine of red meeting hospital tells ” Guangzhou city the reporter, form articulatorily very complex, the knee joint that resembles human body by, leg, kneecap, fibula is formed, inside its, outside side deputy ligament, before, hind crossed ligament and inside, outside side meniscus, plus the muscle all round and tendon, joint efforts Fang Kewei maintains the stability of knee joint. In common athletic injury, knee joint and gambrel injury are most common. “ from clinical in light of, arthritis of sex of bone of at least 1/4 old person is move by young fortune get hurt or use excessive cause. ” Zhang Tongren says.

Not long ago, an undergraduate that calls A Wei comes round to see a doctor. A Wei tells a doctor, before a month, oneself and a few classmates play basketball together, when robbing bank extraordinary investment, unexpectedly when be born flabby, threw one Jiao on the spot, feel knee joint is painful fierce. Later, a Wei goes to school hospital checking, the doctor illuminated X mating plate to him, but did not discover fracture. The A Wei after coming home uses his earthy method, in vinegar of the apply on knee and Chinese traditional medicine. After half month, knee is red be disappear, but knee often is not used on force, one activity is heard inside the noise that gives out Ka Ka, easily with respect to trip. A Wei holds out no less than going to really later, just come to city red meeting hospital. Zhang Tongren says, the injury that he discovers A Wei through hand examine at that time is in for certain knee joint is in-house, suggest A Wei did nuclear magnetic resonance to check then, discover its meniscus gets hurt as expected, at the same time before alternate ligament also was broken. Later, the doctor was done to him small start an operation, ability rehabilitate meniscus rebuilds ligament.
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