Can alleviate on foot arthritis

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According to the United States " arthritis and rheumatism " magazine story, the near future considers to discover, the activity that can reduce arthritic patient more than moving relative to right amount motion suffers be restricted degree.

What this research basically is aimed at is osteoarthritis patient. Through be opposite 3554 53, the research that patient of 63 years old of osteoarthritis has makes clear: As the growth of the age, the articulatory mat cartilage of patient of this kind of articulatory injury is damaged, bring about articulatory and inflexible, ache then, articulatory activity suffers be restricted. In American old people, osteoarthritis is one of main reasons that cause airframe function to drop.

Patient of arthritis of arrangement of Dr. Joe Fulasi does college of medicine of university of the controller of this research, northwest everyday little the right amount motion at 30 minutes, or it is little the has particular strength practice at 20 minutes. Result discovery: Intensity exercise is inferior to the risk of diabetic Ⅱ patient, taller to the risk of patient of apoplectic, heart disease; And right amount motion won't be put in this kind of problem.

Another his research makes clear: The ideal that perhaps is arthritic patient on foot moves.

In research, the spare activity time that he and his work in the same placing report to them according to studying earlier patient is patient cent 3 groups: Do not love sport, carry momentum is insufficient, use commendatory adult fate momentum (appropriate vivid momentum of at least 30 minutes, take a walk for example, horticultural job; Or it is intensity exercise of 20 minutes, like ran, swim) .

Be in the following in two years, occupy what the 3rd group of patients of 41% compare total number not to move to be the same as the problem that fewer occurrence function reduces age person. To the 2nd group of those patients that did not reach ideal level, in deferred respect of articulatory function decline to also obtain satisfactory result.

Finally, he suggests not to love arthritic patient of motion, before should discussing a patient's condition with the doctor, discuss campaign first.  

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