Psoriasis sex arthritis

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Psoriasis arthritis (Psoriaticarthritis) has account early in document, but the description with detailed lack.

About this disease, all through the ages has two kinds of views. One party thinks, psoriasis arthritis is a kind of independent disease, it and psoriasis are having very close relationship; Other one party thinks this kind of disease just is the phenomenon that rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis coincidence exist at the same time. After discovering kind of rheumatism factor 1940, just be an independent disease at learning official name by American rheumatism 1964.

About the occurence rate of psoriasis arthritis each report the number differs very big, but from 0.5%- - 41.6% . The reason of digital six to one is patient origin differs.

According to statistic, the person that psoriasis skin damage is weighed more, arthritic occurence rate rises apparently. Outpatient mostly lighter, statistical outpatient service is consequently ill the occurence rate of the exemple with respect to on the low side; Case of be in hospital is general heavier, arthritic occurence rate is high, consequently the occurence rate of case of illness of statistical be in hospital is met on the high side. Occurence rate scale of the men and women is 1:1.

The standard of diagnostic psoriasis arthritis has:
(One) psoriasis skin damage and fingernail change

(2) all round sexual arthritis

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