How synovia is lubricant articulatory

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Each joint, in our lifetime, do not know how many to want an activity millions upon millions times. So much activity is measured, connect the hardest iron and steel to also can have loss. So, why won't wear away between bone and bone? Original, on the two bone face of articulatory place, enclothing the articulatory cartilage of a smooth and rich flexibility, exterior resembling glass is same, very smooth, when can reducing motion so, chafe each other and shake. This cartilage can grow ceaselessly, in front wear away fell off, from the back chairman goes out to complement newly. Synovia of excretive of slippery film institute, OK and lubricant joint, resemble be in on the machinery of ceaseless roll like the lube that increase a point, in order to reduce the between articulatory face attrition when motion, and can nutrient cartilage face, kill two birds with one stone of it may be said.

The lubricant means of articulatory face, slide as joint and load and differ. Lubricate articulatorily border lubricates with lilquid film two kinds of fundamental pattern. Attrib border and lubricant depend on the chemistry of monolayer of lubricant on interface element is absorbed. When the activity, those who depend on lubricant element is mutual and slip and protection loads face, can prevent adhesion and abrade so, so, border lubricates not to suffer the sticky stiff animal sacrifice of lubricant or the effect that contact content stiffness function, undertake by the synovia on articulatory face chemical sex is absorbed however. Lilquid film is lubricant have a deeper lubricant film, make two load the face can have bigger departure, laden gravity is propped up by the pressure of lilquid film. When sliding, external pressure can arise by dead water pressure. Move in tangent displacement when articulatory face when, the sticky stiff sex of assist body makes the liquid flows to the space between two sides, strength is cited on generation, call fluid motivation to lubricate. If articulatory face is mutual and perpendicular shift, criterion the liquid is squashed inside the space between two sides, have extruding lilquid film lubricant action.

In extruding lilquid film lubricates and fluid motivation lubricates ancon; Load ability depends on of lubricant shed denaturation can (sticky consistency) , lilquid film configuration (the interstitial appearance between two sides) the speed with the activity. If load place is softer, this kind of deformation will be helpful for changing lilquid film to drink configuration, make lubricant transgression is restricted, can form bigger abidance lilquid film, call stretch fluid motivation to lubricate, can increase greatly load ability.

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