Old person cold winter bewares arthritis

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Become cold increasingly as weather, more and more old people will be faced with arthritic descent. So arthritic disease has He Te to nod, what should cold winter old people notice?

Osteoarthritis (senile sex arthritis) come on slow, although frequently-occurring disease at some joint, but also have genu, waist, hip joint at the same time the likelihood of sicken. The symptom feels stiff for articulatory ache and joint action, when the activity beginning after resting especially most apparent, and inflexible feeling can be reduced after proper activity or disappear, but weather becomes cold or catch a cold, be affected with damp be affected with damp is wet, when holding content to cross much overworked, all can make articulatory ache symptom aggravating.

Suffer from the old people of osteoarthritis, should special attention weather changes, because winter climate chill can make joint aches the symptom accentuates, olden person activity is difficult. Should avoid articulatory and beyond the mark activity right now or run a heavy thing, lest create articulatory strain,injure again. Acute breaks out period the activity should be limitted when acuteness ache, right amount motion or lie in bed rest, local hot compress, massage, physiotherapy all can relieve a symptom, medication plus what have specific aim, can obtain more satisfactory result.

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