Understanding of arthritis of n/med tuberculosis sex and cure

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Arthritis of n/med tuberculosis sex (call tuberculosis condition reactivity arthritis again) the disease that is a kind of new discovery, clinical go up to produce arthritis more spot of classics of intercurrent and nodal sex is n/med tuberculosis changes answering feature, home has call n/med tuberculosis sex rheumatism. Think commonly infrequent, be not actually such, this disease occupies rheumatism, kind the scale in rheumatism is 65 % , because know insufficient majority,avoid epidemic disease by accident. To sum up experience lesson, raise recognition level, cast off the worry of serious illness, report clinical research as follows now.

One, diagnostic standard: Erythema of every existence much arthritis, nodal sex changes to should behave and have following the 2 person that reach 3:

1, have tuberculosis or had had tuberculosis; 2, tuberculin (PPD5 unit) the test is positive, especially strong negative person; 3, the person that fight positive of n/med tuberculosis antibody; 4, distinctive loop immunity is compound thing is positive person; 5, the person that damage without valve of endocardium, heart from beginning to end; 6, joint is out of shape without rigidity, x line bone does not have the person that damage; 7, it is profitless that examine is rheumatism or disease of exempt from service is treated the person that break out repeatedly.

2, clinical expression: 1, systemic symptom, the person that acute comes on is more algid, have a fever, have a headache, lack of power, inappetence, whole body is unwell wait for toxic symptom, chronic person symptom lighter or without the symptom; 2, articulatory symptom, the articulatory and red, heat such as genu, ankle, shoulder, wrist is painful; 3, the skin damages: Erythema of A, nodal sex, former hair at hypodermic, see more with double lower limbs, reach gambrel with crus especially around, companion has dropsy, a few extensive reachs scalp at trunk, come like soya bean greatly Hu Tao, be like horsebean more, initial stage is shown vermeil. Hypodermic and B, nodal, send first at hypodermic, show soybean volume round tubercle, the skin is normal, have spend tenderness gently. C, ordinal still have hard erythema, nodal sex prurigo, annular erythema, the much erythema that send a gender.

3, of eyeball of cross-eye of disease of reactivity of n/med tuberculosis allergy damage

Main meeting causes conjunctivitis of bleb sex cornea, system of iris cilia state is phlogistic, sclerotitis, keratitis, retinal phlebitis.

4, disease of reactivity of n/med tuberculosis allergy still can cause following disease:

1, Bai Sai is ill; 2, the much myositis that send a gender; 3, articulatory synovitis; 4, film of nodal sex fat is phlogistic; Nephritis of 5 kidney spherule; 6, much hair arteritis; 7, oral cavity ulcer, genital ulcer; 8, lupus erythematosus; 9, dry syndrome; 10, the immunity disease such as rigidity sex rachitis.

5, the hair interpretation of the cause of disease of reactivity of n/med tuberculosis allergy manages
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