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With the howling wind of the blowing, the cold winter is approaching, arthritis patients have to face a hard to get the season. Prevention and treatment for arthritis, Beijing Chang Gung Memorial Hospital orthopedic experts the prevention and treatment of arthritis following the most effective way: First, control their diet and avoid excessive exposure to acid, increased acidic. Acid-base balance diet for arthritis treatment and prevention of complications is a very important part. Diet to eat more organic active alkali-rich plant foods, eat less meat, eat more vegetables. Qiama old rich in plant organic active alkali, acid quickly rid the body to achieve body fluid acid-base balance, thus preventing and maintenance of arthritis. Second, regular outdoor exercise, do more exercise and more in the sun sweating, can help rid the body of excess acid, thus preventing the occurrence of arthritis. Third, maintain a good mood, not to have too much psychological pressure, the pressure will lead to heavy acid deposition, affecting the normal metabolism. Appropriate to regulate mood and self-stress can maintain alkaline constitution, thus preventing the occurrence of arthritis. Fourth, the added component of articular cartilage. Human articular cartilage after the age of 20 will no longer grow, year by year wear. Shark cartilage powder added to restore natural joint has been medically verified.

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