Psoriasis and arthritis, what kind of contact

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Red Cross Hospital, Shandong Province, psoriasis treatment center for early intervention in the early 19th century, there are reports of psoriasis associated with joint disease. However, the majority of clinical joint disease psoriasis patients do not occur. What is psoriatic arthritis and joint disease accidental combination skin lesions, or the - kind of an independent type of disease, which, the authorities there has been controversy. In 1860, some scholars based on joint disease in psoriasis, mainly in the characteristics of the end joints Zhi Zhi, formally proposed the name of psoriatic arthritis. According to the clinical disease, serology and joint X-performance. In recent years has been relatively clear, psoriasis associated with joint disease, is not mere coincidence, but a separate disease. The incidence of psoriatic arthritis, women slightly outnumber men, the incidence in the 20-50 age more years. On the incidence of psoriatic arthritis: the report varied. In 1984, China's population of 6 million in 24 provinces and cities in psoriasis results show that the overall incidence of psoriasis was 1.23 ‰, psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis accounted for only 0.69%. The United States and Europe the prevalence of psoriasis was significantly higher than in China, about 1% to 3%, 7% -47% of which can occur in arthritis. The true incidence of psoriatic arthritis is unknown. Psoriatic arthritis of unknown etiology. The familial incidence, suggesting that there is a certain relationship with genetic. On the mode of inheritance of the disease so far is inconclusive, the majority of multiple factors that are genetic. In addition, immune abnormalities, metabolic disorders, bacterial antigens may be associated with psoriatic arthritis. Mental factors, trauma, seasonal changes, endocrine changes, hemodynamic changes and certain drugs, such as can be induced or exacerbated by psoriatic arthritis.

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