Psoriasis sex arthritis

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Psoriasis sex arthritis (Psoriasis Arthritsi, PA) renown joint disease psoriasis (Arthropathic Psoriasis) , it is a kind of phlogistic joint disease related to psoriasis. Defer of this ill course of diseases, easy recrudesce, terminal form articulatory rigidity, cause maimed person. Psoriasis is relatively common in arthritic patient, more than average crowd 2 ~ 3 times, and arthritis is more general also in psoriasis patient. Leczinsky discovers in be investigated 10 years, the occurence rate of the arthritis in psoriasis is 6.8 % , be not the occurence rate of the arthritis in psoriasis crowd more than greatly. Easier than the male meet with has the woman. According to Nobol report, the 1 % that PA takes psoriasis patient about [5] . Because this disease and Reiter are integrated,spondylitis of sex of card, rigidity all is concerned with HLA-B27, and kind rheumatism factor is negative, clinical expression has similar place again, accordingly by classify serum negative vertebral joint is ill.

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