Children is chronic arthritis

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One, childhood kind rheumatism arthritis
Chronic arthritis divides childhood for 3 kinds of types namely the whole body, teenager joint reach much joint. Much joint still can divide it is kind of rheumatism factor masculine gender is mixed kind of rheumatism factor is negative two kinds. The common incidence of a disease of the twins that be the same as egg is 44% and different egg twins is only 4% , also hint childhood kind rheumatism arthritis and heredity are concerned.  
2, children rachis joint is ill
This kind of disease includes rachitis of children rigidity sex, joint of arthritis of psoriasis of children Wright syndrome, children and ill sex of phlogistic sex bowel is ill. Because incidence of a disease of this kind of disease is inferior, the material that concerns this respect is less, and the epidemiology that still unites without diagnoses a standard. Joint of rachis of children of abecedarian research clew is ill likelihood and adult rachis disease are similar, its come on concern with heredity and environmental element.

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