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One, incidence of a disease
Gout is one kind spreads all over the common disease at the world. According to statistic, the sicken of Europe, beautiful gout leads the 0.13%-0.37% that occupies total population about, year sicken rate is 0.20%-0.35% about. Have author report, gout is occupied in all arthritis 5.0% . Afterwar come nearly 20 years especially, no matter be the statistic of Europe, beautiful research or Oriental nation, the sicken rate that all indicates gout as a result is increasing in year after year. After the Second World War, bearing the rapid development of Japanese economy, albumen kind food twice increases, up to now gout already made epidemic disease. Our country covered only before 1958 25 gout. 20 centuries since 80 time, rapid development of economy, heighten of content of the protein in food, gouty incidence of a disease rises sharply.
2, profession and dietary habit
Be in early ancient time has discovered, gout is in in the classes if civilian of prep above of the incidence of a disease in plute of intellectual estate, merchant and physical labor person. Gout is monarch and the disease of the person that be full of. At the same time people gout and these of the person eat and drink too much connection rises, the gouty patient of 50% above exceeds standard weight, the gouty patient that much research makes clear to acerbity level of blood in the urine and weight show positive to close 3/4 has disease of tall blood fat or high blood pressure. No matter age size is mixed racial diversity, weight index and hypertension and tall blood fat are the critical factor of all gouty patients from beginning to end. In dietary element, tall purine, high protein and the main factor that drinking is disease of influence painful swift as the wind and arthritic fit. Investigation of statistic of domestic and international many epidemiology all confirmed this.
3, 3 phosphor adenosine metabolizes
3 phosphor adenosine is the high-energy material of all cells inside airframe, below physiology condition, 3 phosphor adenosine: 2 phosphor adenosine: One phosphor adenosine is 100: 10: 1, great majority 2 phosphor adenosine or
One phosphor adenosine is met translate into 3 phosphor adenosine, fraction is changed into purine, yellow purine and uric acid. If all sorts of elements are acuteness motion, excessive drinking, anoxic, surgical operation and after put cure or changing cure, wait, because 3 phosphor adenosine is decomposed,all can synthesize decrease, cause acerbity heighten of blood in the urine finally.

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