What is CT and magnetism resonance are become resemble (MRI)

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Computer fault scans (CT) can be in traverse anatomize plane go up, explore the little difference of the density between all sorts of different organizations well and truly, it is a kind of when observe bone joint and parenchyma pathological changes better examination way. On arthritic diagnosis, basically use at checking rachis, especially Di Qia is articulatory. The place that line of X of CT excel tradition checks depends on his resolution is high, and still can do position of axle to become picture. Because the density resolution of CT is high, so parenchyma, bone and joint can appear very clear. Add CT to be able to do scanning of position of axle, line of a few traditional X is video on the joint with more difficult resolution is biting ” of show one's true colours of the “ on image. If the articulatory look unfamiliar as a result of Di Qia joint will tilt and bend, still have the jackknife of other organization at the same time, although the Di Qia of most case of illness closes husband X line piece achieve a requirement possibly already, but sometimes arthritis of Qia of Di of discovery of X line examination is more difficult, check to the patient of the problem can do CT.

Magnetism resonance is become picture (MRI) is a basis the interaction of radiative in strong magnetic field wave and hydrogenous nucleus and obtain. Magnetism resonance comes out, become very quickly diagnosing a respect to be become usefully to a lot of diseases like the tool, include skeletal muscle system. Muscle skeleton system is the most comfortable resemble at doing magnetism resonance to become, because its constituent density is comparative range is big. In the diagnostic respect of bone, joint and parenchyma pathological changes, magnetism resonance is become because have over CT to become the parenchyma resolution that resembles parameter and height multiply,resemble, make its apparent to the contrast of parenchyma prep above CT. Magnetism resonance is become resemble passing it to become the function that resemble to plane more, apply the poisonous face coil of high resolution to be able to improve each joint position apparently into resemble quality, the subtle result that makes the place of other and video examination such as nerve, tendon, ligament, hemal, cartilage cannot differentiate is able to show. Magnetism resonance becomes the part that resembles the inadequacy in bone joint system is, qualitative to bone and parenchyma pathological changes diagnose without particularity, into slow like speed, in check out procedure. The patient's own or not own activity can cause athletic bogus shadow, the influence is diagnosed.

X line is photographed piece, resonance of CT, magnetism is become resemble can be being called 3 drive carriage, 3 person organic ground is united in wedlock, make current and video learned an examination to expand to check limits already, rose to diagnose a level again.

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