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A lot of arthritis patients, must make inspection of a few assay, diagnose in order to help. Mention assay, many people can think this is the work that recent ability begins to appear certainly, actually otherwise. Be in early the Christian era 752 years, our country Tang Dynasty has a famous medical book " outside stage secret wants " , among them already account examine the method of patient pee, in order to help the result of the change of understanding yellow subcutaneous ulcer and cure. Its method is every night in the pee of icteric patient immerge silkses small one in vain, the air after be being taken out, write on date, day-to-day the depth that color fizzles out on whiter silk be contaminated, with period after the specification is treated icteric subsidise circumstance. This is the clinical experiment of the earliest account on medical history diagnose. This checks a method, although very simple, but its principle, still be up to now in certain assay continue to use. Recent application is certain the way of check proved recipe that ” of “ test paper has colorimetric, some are the color that according to place of ” of “ test paper reaction comes out change and depth degree come to those who know to measure. This shows, these pass the test of ” of “ test paper, with our country the 1200 depth that subcutaneous ulcer fizzles out in inspecting pass water with Bai Bo before New Year more, it is only very much the same.
Introduce a few kinds of laboratory test that concern with arthritis now.
(1) red blood cell sedimentations rate (abbreviation erythrocyte sedimentation rate) haemal resembling congee is same, having inside it sticky cell of blood of —— of soup —— plasma, grain of rice is comprised twice partly, among them red blood cell is main component. Because the density of red blood cell is bigger than plasma; Fall in quiet place condition so, red blood cell can sedimentation slowly come down. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate experiments even if take the blood of certain amount, join right amount anti-coagulants, be sucked again the person's tailor-made red blood cell sedimentations determine in the canal. Below constant room temperature, determine the canal is perpendicular quiet place, via one hour hind, observe the settling speed of red blood cell. Determine each small division is tubal surface scale 1 millimeter, accordingly, assay result expresses with ” of hour of “ millimeter / . Useful also now instrument undertakes determining. Current, law of family name of domestic and international general the Kingdom of Wei, the adult is worth normally for male 0—15 millimeter / hour, female 20 millimeter of 0 ~ / hour.
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate is not the assay of a kind of particularity; Accompany certain physiology change, value of erythrocyte sedimentation rate can be changed somewhat, before moonish classics, when menstruation is medium, gravid, erythrocyte sedimentation rate often is added fast. Infection sex arthritis, kind a variety of diseases such as all sorts of arthritis of rheumatism arthritis, n/med tuberculosis sex, gouty, inflammation, calorific, malignant tumor, erythrocyte sedimentation rate all can be added fast. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate is level of test arthritis activity this is more reliable with the simplest method, and commonly used will regard a disease as serious degree and the index that measure remedial effect.
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