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When undertaking medical, divide outside noticing joint is local, take systemic circumstance seriously even.
(1) system examination notices the general situation of the whole body such as temperature, nutrition, development, pose, have reach pigment without rash ad cool-headed, have without hypodermic tubercle, chalkstone, have inadvertently lung unusual, liver is lienal intumescent wait.
(2) joint examination has without red, deformation, tenderness, calorific, have accumulate fluid and athletic obstacle without joint, have feel without attrition, the limits of articulatory activity.
(3) parenchyma examination has without sweeny, have add thick, strut, tenderness without tendon, have reach inflammation without articulatory bursa strut, tenderness, have reach without ligament tenderness fixed, have wait without tendon sheath strut.
(A few kinds of joint with commonly used 4) check a method:
Patient of experiment of drive up of 1 straight leg lies on his back, two legs unbend, enjoin lower limbs of drive up of its one by one, normal when can drive up 80-90 is spent, when favour sb suffers from side lower limbs, the waist reachs aggravate of leg ministry ache, when contrasting with lower limbs of be good at side, when if carry,leg angle is less than 30 degrees, namely painful theatrical work person for strong positive, 45 degrees are medium, can the 70 person that spend are favour sb weak positive.
Patient of the 2 experiments that extend genu sits up on stool, head and waist keep flat, two crus nature is flagging, next enjoin patient will suffer from limb crus gradually unbend, or press with the hand by the doctor press check of Yan sufferring from limb, again crus gradually unbend. Be like the person that have a sciatica, it is masculine gender.
Experiment of 3 cross one's legs calls “4” word the experiment again. The patient lies on his back, coxa and knee joint are inflectional and outward turning, will one sufficient put in another side unbend on ham. Doctor skill presses pair of side Qia Ji, in order to secure the pelvis, another hand presses inflectional genu ministry downward, the person that be like coxal occurrence ache, explain Di Qia joint has pathological change.
Joint of 4 Di Qia kowtows attack painful experiment doctor to kowtow directly with the fist hit articulatory the reverse side of patient Di Qia, the person that be like occurrence ache, state this have pathological changes to exist.
Patient of enjoin of experiment of independence of 5 thin legs is erect leg of be good at side, raise leg having side, when sufferring from side pelvis to mention up, this side buttock is knitted folds in a garment the person that rise is negative. Again enjoin patient is erect leg having side, drive up leg of be good at side, if pelvis of be good at side and buttock are knitted,folds in a garment the person that drop is masculine gender, state hip joint has pathological changes to exist.
Experiment of 6 float kneecap makes the same score unbend sufferring from limb put on the bed, the doctor's skill is grasped have knee two side, the paw that uses this hand is oppressive the bursa on kneecap; Press with another hand big toe and middle finger at the same time press kneecap two side, will accumulate fluid to push get together to fall at kneecap, reoccupy hand points to next knocking at to press kneecap, be like occurrence kneecap to strike the sense before femur, the specification has inside this joint accumulate fluid.
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