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Will check all sorts of arthritis with X line, advocate if adopt,photograph piece method. Pass X line inspection, the diagnosis to arthritis, prognosis and the appraised price that control curative effect fruit are having important sense. X on-line expression can differ because of arthritic sort and each different, they have the aspect of respective feature sex, some change are the collective expression of a lot of arthritis, the different period in same disease can have different show again. Accordingly, must combine other data to undertake integration analysis, ability reachs diagnose correctly. Some needs to be photographed regularly piece check, observe its change, ability is diagnosed clearly.
The change of basic X line of common joint has: Articulatory parenchyma change, joint destroys, joint retreats travel sex change, articulatory dislocation and articulatory rigidity a few kinds:
(Change of 1) articulatory parenchyma is in arthritis is inchoate, as a result of joint accumulating fluid is mixed all round constituent inflammation, x line is visible all round parenchyma shadow strut, add thick, articulatory clearance wide.
(2) joint is destroyed inchoate and general encroach the cartilage that covers articulatory range only, articulatory clearance narrow. When pathological changes progress affects the bone below cartilage, criterion bone carries local or a side is shown destroy or be short of caustic, serious person can produce the deformation such as half dislocation, dislocation; The progress that most of this kind of circumstance produces at affecting arthritis of sex of sexual arthritis, n/med tuberculosis period.
(3) joint retreats a sex the change is inchoate break up gradually for articulatory cartilaginous with deliquescent, replace for fibre place gradually later, make articulatory clearance presents the stricture of different level, the gain a son-in-law in such a manner of labial shape bone that there often is afterwards to send a gender in articulatory brim is formed. Retreat travel sex change articulatorily to basically see at osteoarthritis.
(The normal position that two bone with articulatory composition of 4) articulatory dislocation carry produces a change, see the deformation at be caused by of arthritic later period more. Differ according to degree, divide again for half dislocation and complete dislocation two kinds. Kind the later period of the pathological changes such as arthritis of rheumatism arthritis, infection sex arthritis, n/med tuberculosis sex all sees this kind of case.
(5) articulatory rigidity is arthritic ship serious and sequential be caused by, common at kind rheumatism arthritis, infection sex arthritis. Can divide fiber sex rigidity and bone sex rigidity two kinds. Fiber sex rigidity person, although articulatory activity already disappeared, but X line piece the articulatory clearance that goes up to still can see stricture, the Xiaoliang that do not have bone crosses meantime, articulatory clearance disappears narrow or completely significantly, bone Xiaoliang is crossed, make form two articulatory bone to carry the person that cheek by jowl connection is together, belong to bone sex rigidity.
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