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Articulatory slippery film is a hemal and rich organization, serous certain part infiltration. Inside articulatory antrum, having lubricant joint and effect of nutrient joint cartilaginous. Normal synovia is clear and transparent flaxen liquid, do not have visible part or crystallize, cellular number is made an appointment with 0. 1X 109 / rises, give priority to with monocyte. After close disinfection, draw-out synovia undertakes checking, why to plant to diagnosing arthritis has certain help.
The examination content of synovia, have the following kinds commonly:
(1) fluid measures normal synovia only 0. 2 milliliter of 3 ~ . The synovia gross of all sorts of arthritis is different; Additional, from the increase and decrease that synovia estimates, can see the illness improves or worsen.
(2) turbidity and color synovia appear muddy, because purulent cell is more,the likelihood is and cause, if affect sexual arthritis; Also may be crystallization or cellulose be caused by, if gout and holiday are gouty; Kind the synovia of rheumatism arthritis patient shows grass green, gouty patient shows white.
(3) sticky consistency is normal synovia is stickier stiff, when having kind of rheumatism arthritis, infection sex arthritis, synovia becomes rare.
(How many what 4) leucocyte computation and classified basis examine earning white blood cell, the degree of OK and conjectural agnail, injure sexual arthritis, osteoarthritis with this distinction, still affect sexual arthritis, kind rheumatism arthritis, psoriasis arthritis. If elevatory before leucocyte counts drop off, state inflammation improves.
(Clot of 5) sticky albumen is being filled have 20 milliliter in the beaker of solution of 5 % acetic acid, join several synovia, after 1 minute, can clot is formed. This experiment is right phlogistic sex and synovia of blame inflammation sex can be preliminary try to distinguish, the clot that is like patient of arthritis of sex of normal person, osteoarthritis, injury is solid, not easy and broken, but kind the patient such as rheumatism arthritis, infection sex arthritis, clot is easy broken.
(The chemical examination of 6) synovia can pass synovia inspection, obtain the concerned protein, dextrose, antibody that fight a nucleus, kind globulin of rheumatism factor, complement, immunity, immunity is compound the data such as content. Especially kind of rheumatism factor in synovia, appear earlier than kind of rheumatism factor in blood, and positive rate but in prep above blood.
(7) crystallization examination applies polarized light microscope to check the crystallization on smear, conduce to pair of gout and holiday be being differentiated goutily diagnose.
(When 8) bacterioscopy suspicion is affected about the section, can pass smear coloring, check a bacterium. When necessary, can make germiculture.

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