Articulatory lens has what use

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Be in early 1918, people already began to manufacture articulatory looking glass. But what come out in articulatory lens is original in a few years, as a result of the inadequacy of appliance oneself, and get the limitation of articulatory antrum characteristic, longer the articulatory looking glass that an ideal did not make inside time. After 1970, euramerican each country just is caused to its take seriously, make the diagnosis of articulatory lens applies extensively in Euramerican each country, 20 centuries 70 time later period, lens issues an operation to be begun extensively already.
Our country starts in the applied respect of articulatory lens later. 20 centuries 80 time are prime, only minority hospital uses articulatory lens at clinical. After the articulatory mirror of whole nation of first phase that just holds in Shenyang learns a class, this technology just is begun widely in the whole nation rise.
Articulatory lens is mixed by mechanical, illume commonly 3 parts form optical system. The use of articulatory lens is simple, injury small, below the circumstance that can not destroying articulatory and normal function, with orthoptic method, observe static state and trends change partly each inside medium joint with ill caustic. Adopt pickup system, still can be articulatory pathological changes on TV into like enlarge, take a picture file, obtain reliable data. Already can diagnose major joint disease with articulatory lens at present; Additional, can undertake through articulatory lens velar vivid check is mixed purposefully slipping adopt synovia to offer an examination; Articulatory lens still has an advantage, making an inspection namely while, can make certain joint cure is rinsed inside the operation inside or articulatory antrum. It is more traditional incision joint undergo surgery has clear advantage.
Although the use of articulatory lens is having greater help to the diagnosis of articulatory pathological changes, but also be not all-purpose. Especially the person that small to a few articulatory clearance, joint has serious adhesion or articulatory rigidity, there is certain difficulty when using. Must be united in wedlock with photographs of other method of make a diagnosis and give treatment accordingly.

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