Treatment of low energy laser can alleviate the ache that osteoarthritis causes

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Occupied Turkey scholar story on August 15, low energy laser (LPL) cure can alleviate effectively neck osteoarthritis (COA) the ache that cause improves its function condition.

Dr. Ozdemir F of Turkey Trakya university and its work in the same placing point out, it is the main symptom of COA sorely, consider to confirm LPL cure can reduce muscle and skeletal ache before. For this, researcher is right 60 20-65 year old clinical reach radiation all examine undertakes study for the patient of COA, is aching.

Suffer the person that try to be divided to be two groups randomly, give LPL to reach respectively comfort sexual laser treatment. Next the condition that researcher treats around ache and aching and relevant physics to ask for to the patient (for example convulsion of the muscle other rachis has without increase, the turn before rachis has without decrease and limits of cervical activity limitation) and cervical function state undertakes assessment.

Result discovery, LPL treats the ache of group patient, rachis muscle convulsion, the turn before rachis, cervical territory and functional state all produce marked improvement, and contrast group did not see apparent change.

Dr. Ozdemir thinks, to the neck osteoarthritis patient, treatment of low energy laser can alleviate effectively its ache is ameliorable its function state.

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