What is the diagnostic standard of proliferous sex arthritis?

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(1) is common at the age bigger, the person that have scar history, have static power the element such as change of nutrition of maladjusted, bone and age, posture, profession exists.

(2) comes on slow, systemic symptom is little, it is individual and articulatory be put into trouble more, especially coxa, knee joint, lumbar, cervical vertebra and finger.

(3) joint is aching, inflexible, the activity suffers be restricted. The activity chafes from time to tome noise, can accumulate fluid and deformation about section antrum.

(4)X line is photographed piece can diagnose clearly (articulatory clearance narrow, articulatory face is sclerotic, go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married of articulatory brim bone is formed, articulatory Duan Song pledges sex of the bursa inside bone changes, there can be free body) inside joint.

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