Arthritis and rheumatism have why to concern

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Arthritis and rheumatism have why to concern
Arthritis is to point to the inflammation inside the joint that causes ache and hair deadlocked. In rheumatism, the arthritis of all sorts of reason be caused by is occupied quite specific gravity. But rheumatism not arthritis of be confined to.
Rheumatism learns is a burgeoning independent course. The object that rheumatism learns to consider is rheumatism sex disease (namely rheumatism) .
Always drag in bone, joint and all round its parenchyma, a kind of big disease that waits like film of muscle, slippery bursa, tendon, muscle, nerve, all belong to rheumatism. Because can affect a gender,its have cause of disease, if drench disease of Mu of coccus sex arthritis, Lai; Of immunity, be like lupus erythematosus of kind of rheumatism arthritis, systematization to wait; Of metabolization sex, wait for crystallization sex arthritis like gout; Endocrine, wait like hyperfunction of function of the gland other shape of megalakria, armour; Degrade of the gender, be like osteoarthritis; Of geographical environment sex, if Kaschin-Beck disease, fluorine is toxic,wait; Of transmissibility, if stick polysaccharide disease, congenital cartilage depauperate wait; Of tumor sex, if sex of osteoma, much hair is medullary,the …… rheumatism such as tumour can be sex of the whole body or systematization, if almost all connective tissue is ill, also can be limitation, if humeral Zhou Yan, slippery bursa is phlogistic,wait; Can be implement of qualitative sex, also can be mental sex, if essence of life is deiform rheumatic, or of functional sex, if fiber myalgia is asked for integratedly. This shows rheumatism is not sheet shows some is planted disease, however the floorboard of a group of diseases.
The symptom of rheumatism can last a few days or several years, can not have bad influence, also can cause more serious disability. Most rheumatism won't send another person from a person. A few rheumatism can genetic, and great majority is not genetic. One word of “ rheumatism ” appears the earliest at BC in the west 4 centuries " complete works of bottom of rare wave carat " in, already had 2300 up to now old. Rheumatism results from ancient Greek, it is the meaning of “ flow ” . 4 kinds when because be comprised in the body,point to at that time one of humoral occurrence abnormal and cause ache, this is humoral enter body cavity by blood-vessel, include articulatory speech. It is before 19 centuries, western medicine is very ambiguous also to the understanding of rheumatism, they consider as all arthritis gouty mutation even, till the uric acid in discovering gouty patient blood taller, just distinguish its and other arthritis come. Nearly 30 come for years, as scientific progress, medical development, people just is opposite the knowledge of rheumatism is ceaseless and thorough.
In motherland medicine, “ rheumatism ” this one name only then at period of the Eastern Han Dynasty before 1800 place of Zhang Zhong scene writes outline of {gold deficient " one book: “ is ill person a suit is used up painful, calorific, day feed place drama person, renown rheumatism. This disease hurts Yu Han to go out when wind, or long the injury takes cold be caused by also …… . ” its means shows sweat goes out when wind, have an insatiable desire for cool catch a cold catch a cold, the evil of rheumatism encroachs flesh watch, and occurrence the whole body is aching, companion has calorific, the person that attach most importance to afternoon, call “ rheumatism ” . These treatise, look with modern medicine viewpoint, solid belong to rheumatism, but compare with the meaning photograph of contemporary rheumatism, the range that just involves is narrower just. The rheumatism content that modern medicine indicates is wider, this and monumental work of the first medicine of the our country before 2400 " element of the classics inside Huang Di asks · pain or numbness caused by cold is talked " in the pathogeny of the disease, card awaits the rheumatism sex that is disease of pain or numbness caused by cold to naming the detailed record that the place such as classification makes, content likeness. There is “ in this book wind, cold, wet 3 gas are miscellaneous come to close and be pain or numbness caused by cold also: Its ethos winner is a pain or numbness caused by cold, algidity winner is arthritis, damp winner is write pain or numbness caused by cold also the treatise of ” . This may be me
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