What is meant by rheumatism, how to classify, it and what course is concerned?

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Because recognition level is finite,go, what think rheumatism points to commonly is rheumatism sex arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, when these concepts already were passed apparently. The illness that actually rheumatism includes is very much, it is to show at present the pathogeny and hair ill mechanism have not consider one kind big to be clear about, wait in order to damage slippery film, cartilage, bone, articulatory, muscle, ligament give priority to, and the systemic sex disease that can violate many systems. In the past ever narrow sense ground says for “ armpit ill ” of connective tissue of former ill ” , “ . At present the classification to rheumatism sex disease basically includes: Oneself immunity rheumatism if rheumatoid arthritis belongs to this kind) , rheumatism of sex of endocrine — metabolization (be like gout) , infection sex rheumatism (like arthritis of n/med tuberculosis sex) , retreat travel sex rheumatism (if bone is proliferous sexual joint moxibustion) , transmissibility rheumatism (if brown is yellow ill. The range that rheumatism involves is very wide, with clinical each division matters almost, wait like internal medicine, orthopaedics, dermatological department, department of stomatology, ophthalmic, radiative division, still be the main component of clinical immunity course at the same time. The relationship of the immunology in rheumatism and fundamental medicine is most close. Outside eliminating classical method to the research method of rheumatism now, the pathogeny and hair interpretation of the cause make the method of contemporary element biology in research apply more extensively already, the research work of gene level has been begun, certain difficulty problem will have certain breakthrough in these adumbrative rheumatism

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