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Conglutinate element comes on in RA medium effect is times latterer suffer take seriously. A large number of T lymphocyte in slippery film organization infiltrate and gather, they and antigen submission show cellular interaction to produce cell of vivid B of cellular factor shunt excitation to produce immune globulin. The interaction between these local immunity cells and child, stimulate the formation of hemal slight corneal opacity, cause joint undertake the gender is injured. These pathological changes are concerned with the cellular type of infiltration and amount not only, the conglutinate element that also conveys with its surface (Odhesion Molecules, ADMs) is concerned.

ADMs is one kind has a variety of biology functions suffer bodily form to cross velar candy albumen, can upright guide cellular conglutinate, hasten is changed, lymphocyte returns the function such as mew, share inflammation reaction, main effect is produced in the physiology of airframe and pathology process, according to the difference of its structure and function, cent is 3 kinds big: Choice element, Ig exceeds familial with integrated element. In RA patient, pathological changes kind different level the earth's surface amounts to the lymphocyte of articulatory and local soak and huge bite cell and composition of articulatory antrum matrix ADMs. In pathological changes ADMs of cell of local and hemal endodermis conveys heighten. Below normal circumstance, endodermis cell has P- to choose the low-level expression of a few kinds of a few ADMs such as element only, because this is hemal the conglutinate level of endodermis cell and circular leucocyte is very low. When RA, below the stimulation of local phlogistic ill factor, the ADMs of endodermis cell surface conveys a quantity to increase, the adhesiveness of both increases apparently, affinity heighten. P- chooses element (in small system of oar of afterbirth of cell of endodermis of P-selection) regular store, after sufferring the inflammation medium such as Xi of thrombin, histamine, Bai San to stimulate rapid expression at cellular surface, expression is in the 5-10 after sufferring stimulation minute amount to a height, 90 minutes regain the level before stimulation. E- chooses the expression of element to be later than P- to choose element, and those who suffer cellular factor TNF2 and TL-1 is revulsive. The experiment outside body discovers 4 hours of E- after adding afore-mentioned cellular factor choose element expression to amount to a height, 6-8 hour returns to normal. ICAM-1(intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1) , ICAM-2, VCAM-1(Vascular Adhesion Molecrle-1) and CD31 are Ig exceeds familial member, cellular factor all can cause his to develop, ICAM-1 is conveyed in dormant endodermis cell very low, but suffer IL-1, TNF2, INFr stimulates an expression to increase apparently. The expression of ICAM-1, VCAM-1, CD31 is later than E- to choose element, they amount to a height in hour of the 10 ~ after cellular factor is exciting, last 72 hours. These ADMs are in joint of RA patient pathological changes produces main effect in soak of local and inchoate leucocyte.
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