The pathogeny and hair interpretation of the cause are made

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Rheumatoid arthritis (Rheumatoid Arthritis, RA) is with chronic, symmetry arthritis of much more slippery film is mixed the pathological changes outside joint (hypodermic tubercle, pericarditis, pleurisy, pneumonic, all round neuritis) be main and clinical expression, the pathogeny not bright, the disease of oneself immunity phlogistic sex that still diagnoses index without particularity.

The pathogeny

Exact pathogeny up to now not bright. The experiment considers to discover, a variety of sending cause of disease, wait to all can be brought like former put oneself in another's position of bacterium, virus, garment, helicoid cause symptom of appearance of different animal RA. Clinical after also happening at certain infection to partial RA it is thus clear that, like n/med tuberculosis bacillus, bizarre be out of shape former put oneself in another's position of virus of bacillus, streptococcic, EB, garment is affected etc. The antibody effect value that can discover corresponding antigen in patient serum or slippery film fluid is elevatory, but its send ill antigen or have not devote ill antigen part certainly. Although such, still do not eliminate to affect factor to have the main effect in disease in RA.

RA comes on have familial collect a phenomenon, contraction of unripe far doubler egg gives birth to odd egg contraction incidence of a disease is high; Kind rheumatism factor (the patient of RF) electropositive RA, HLA-DR-4 occupies 60%-70% , and RF is electronegative RA criterion with DR-1 model see more. Consider to discover further, the HLA-DRß catenary of a gene encode such as RA patient the 3rd change high alignment of area 70-74 amino acid has common member a group of things with common features (antigen decides a group of things with common features) , its amino acerbity alignment is: Glutamic acid - lysine - ammonia of essence of life is acerbity - third ammonia is acerbity - third ammonia is acerbity. Bunch of this antigen decision is called RA is expressed (Shared Epitope) , the likelihood is RA easy touching genetic base.

RA comes on often wait for an element with stimulation of catch a cold catch a cold, be affected with damp be affected with damp, traumatic, spirit relevant, these elements may be the inducement that RA comes on, pathogeny of and rather than.

Anyhow, RA pathogeny is complex, the likelihood is easy feeling wide host and the result of interaction of a variety of the element that cause disease.

Send ill mechanism

After the antigen that cause disease invades joint, in RA easy touching a series of pathological changes outside can causing slippery film arthritis and joint.

Cellular immunity reacts:

Inbreak antigen is slipped velar cell (A cell, tree dash forward appearance cell, huge bite cell) gobble up, treatment, processing, II is conveyed in cellular surface kind antigen accepts put oneself in another's position, pass antigen information T lymphocyte, activation T lymphocyte, make release a variety of solubility medium (watch 1) . Be like Bai Jiesu - 1, tumor is necrotic factor (TNF) . These medium promote slippery film further proliferous, revulsive collagen of generation of slippery film cell is enzymatic with prostate element E2(PGE2) make inflammation reacts aggravate. Some monocyte factor can make articulatory cartilage retreat change, restrain albumen polysaccharide to synthesize, make bone calcium is absorbed increase, bring about articulatory cartilage atrophy to destroy
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