Rheumatism is asked for integratedly and recessive tumour

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The skeletal muscle expression of malignant tumor already was known by clinical place, we say for cancer relevant rheumatism is asked for integratedly. Malignant tumor and the intensity that rheumatism behaves the causal, correlation between and time relation are more complex, but the certain characteristic that rheumatism asks for integratedly hints more easily it and recessive and malignant tumor are relevant, because this improves the knowledge of this respect, make tumor is obtained possibly inchoate diagnose. A few rheumatism that have special symptom are below:

One, cancerous sex much arthritis: The feature is advanced age comes on; Arthritis of paroxysmal asymmetry acute; Lower limbs had better send place, not drag in small joint and wrist; Kind rheumatism factor is negative; Work check shows slippery film to spend not typical synovitis gently. A research discovers the adult acute leukaemia of 5.8% behaves shape of concerned section inflammation recently, before arthritic symptom appears in diagnose of white blood disease average 3.2 months. This kind of rheumatism is asked for integratedly with big joint of drag in asymmetry; Ache is serious, ask for disproportionate with body; Have next backache; Fight rheumatism medicaments to convention response is harmful wait for a characteristic.

2, corpulent sex osteoarthritis: Should ask for integratedly include clubbed finger, periostitis and joint disease, weight of articulatory ill expression is differ, to dispersion sex from slight arthralgia much arthritis all is seen. Disease of joint of corpulent sex bone is common at transferring sexual lung cancer, prognostic and bad. In addition, in the former hair that is as high as 20% sexual lung cancer also arrives it is thus clear that. This are integrated after reportorial tumour is excised proof disappear. Heighten of level of the VEGF in patient blood, the growth that is considered as to participate in disease of joint of corpulent sex bone to come on factor.

3, leather myositis: It is in patient of leather myositis and myositis of much hair sex, heighten of tumor occurence rate. Among them the risk of leather myositis occurrence tumour is higher than sending sexual myositis more. The tumour of any place and type appears possibly, apparently dominant without a kind of tumour. Divide outside malignant tumor appears in typical skin myositis, malignant tumor is in children myositis, myositis companion also has discovery in disease of certain ties form and the leather myositis that do not have myositis. Tumor should be searched after heighten of occurence rate of the tumour in myositis patient means myositis to diagnose. Reach the sort of myositis to be worth a search to still do not have unanimous opinion about the range that seek.

4, much myalgia of sex of not typical rheumatism: Not typical symptom posed a challenge to the diagnosis of rheumatism sex much myalgia, much myalgia of sex of because a variety of diseases are OK similar rheumatism. Much myalgia of sex of this kind of rheumatism is asked for integratedly can be to sow now and then medicinal powder of sexual cancer first clinical expression. The characteristic of much myalgia of sex of not typical rheumatism is: The age is less than 50 much; Drag in a typical place; The place of drag in model of asymmetry; Eliminate typical position, still have other arthralgia; Erythrocyte sedimentation rate is less than 40 or be more than 100mm/h; After be being treated with 10mg prednisone, be improved partly only or improvement is slower. Humeral ministry and the X that basin bone takes piece change of sex of bone of dissolve of very few discovery, but the isotropy strong market that often clew transfers cancer. Whether does patient of much to typical rheumatism sex myalgia need to search tumor opinion differ. In sex of not typical rheumatism bone of sex of the cancer in much myalgia patient is mixed risk of articulatory be put into trouble is very big, should special attention.
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