How can arthritic patient forecast weather

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In the patient that has arthritis, the person that has 90 % about appears because of him joint aching, or accentuate sorely and know to will have blow, rain, snow, the weather such as cold wave advent changes. Hey! Pathological changes joint became the “ observatory ” that can release ” of “ weather forecast unexpectedly!
Ever the scholar is in in cold environment, had had a series of research to healthy person and arthritic patient, confirm arthritic patient is relatively sensitive to chill. If healthy person and arthritic patient are together inside short time,fall from 30 ℃ in the cold environment of 15 ℃ , healthy person can appear arthralgia; If drop in temperature,small, time grows extent, healthy person does not appear aching, and arthritic patient can appear arthralgia symptom. Arthritic patient is in cold environment, skin temperature drops should compare healthy person slow, when entering warm environment, skin temperature rises more healthy also person is rude. Because,this is, of the patient all round vasomotor lengthen with outspread time, and contractive, dilate is gotten inadequate. Accordingly, when abrupt chill, the patient often can produce arthralgia. In the meantime, chill still can make articulatory synovia viscosity increases, when articulatory activity also
Increased resistance.
In the weather with continuous overcast and rainy, constant regular meeting has air temperature to drop; Atmospheric pressure is reduced, the phenomenon of humidity heighten, these 3 kinds of elements cause arthritic patient namely the main reason with local aggravating ache, wear since the change of humidity among them main effect. Because day of overcast and rainy compares chill and moisture, get when human body when chill, above all action at receptor of skin sensation of cold, conduct brain center through nerve reflex next, then makes the skin, muscle and little blood vessel produce systole, the haemal flow in blood-vessel slows, “ gooseflesh ” can appear on the skin, “ is called to establish ” of wool flesh systole on medicine, can make human body suffers force to reduce to be able to bear or endure sorely so, local symptom also accentuates subsequently. In addition, the change of humidity is very big to the influence that organizes all round joint, it can make blood-vessel outspread, articulatory bursa congests, when weather transforms, this kind of change also is the reason with aggravating symptom. Additional, the conduction that moisture can make heat up is added 20 times faster, the dress that goes up when person is drenched by rain wet hind, outward diverge can get body quantity of heat quickly much. Because chill is invaded to the person of the body,accelerate, the person is accordingly easy go to the bad of catch cold catch cold. If arthritic patient, articulatory ache breaks out easily. : The scholar observes, if become, the average air temperature of day and tertian average air temperature are compared; ” lifts or reduce 3 ℃ above; Baric change lifts or reduce 10 millibar above day after day, next change on day-to-day relative humidity are more than 10 % , arthralgia patient comes on can increase apparently. Some scholars think: The cellular inside and outside of human body is having the voltage of negative electric charge, normal person is maintaining relative balance from beginning to end. In big air current, because take,attracting each other bump, generated electromagnetic wave. The electromagnetic wave in atmosphere element ceaselessly with every second the speed of 300 thousand kilometre is conducted, the unusual electromagnetic wave that when weather changes, produces, cause human body cell the potential of negative electric charge changes, destroyed the relative balance inside body thereby. The influence that arthritic patient is changed by air temperature, baric, humidity, what will bring about hyperaemia of the cell inside body, oedema and phlogistic sex material is oozy, organize small loop to produce a change, end god endures physics and chemical sexual excitement, joint can appear aching, the person of articulatory before ache accentuates sorely.
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