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Rheumatism sex arthritis is a kind of expression of rheumatism. Main symptom is joint of the whole body especially the articulatory and red ache with older geometric ratio of genu, ancon, wrist, shoulder blade and activity suffer be restricted, at the same time companion has have a fever, articulatory ache is not fixed, wander however of the gender. Chill of the dark, moisture of arthralgia and bedroom, climate and overcast and rainy have obvious concern continuously. Accordingly, patient of rheumatism sex arthritis should notice winter health care.

The climate of cold moisture and environment, the ceaseless stimulation of cold water, can cause rheumatism sex arthritis or make an illness aggravating, answer to avoid as far as possible so. Want to leave meaning atmosphere to forecast at any time, when cold wave comes over to change with weather, strengthen prevent cold heat preservation, do not contact cold water as far as possible. Appropriate wears underwear of polyvinyl chloride fibber. Polyvinyl chloride fibber is a kind of synthetic fibre, have taller insulating property, once attrition can arise,compare other any fiber get much charge greatly. This kind of charge accumulates on the dress gradually, although air humidity is as high as 80 % , the electron still flows hard, make charge disappears hard. Of polyvinyl chloride fibber hygroscopic low, can fight vapor, moisture evaporates very easily, with the skin attrition can produce the result of “ diathermy ” , be helpful for the cure of rheumatism sex arthritis.

Should control in dietary respect tall adipose and prandial. Adipose system of a kind of ketone can produce in process of the combustion inside body, overmuch ketone body has more powerful stimulative effect to joint. Somebody has done a test: Let 16 arthritis patient eat everyday adipose and prandial (food of fat, deepfry) , result arthritis symptom is apparently aggravating, some appears even obstacle of articulatory strut, rigidity, activity. Should stop to eat tall adipose and prandial hind, the symptom alleviates very quickly or disappear. Later, repeat such test, reach again similar result. Accordingly, control of arthritic patient appropriate is tall adipose and prandial. Nevertheless, alimental choice appropriate is rich, should eat the food that contains a lot ofprotein to be like products of egg, lean lean, soybean particularly, return appropriate to eat the vegetable fruit that contains a lot ofvitamin C more. Vitamin C can restrain phlogistic sex oozy, stimulative inflammation is absorbed. Rheumatism is articulatory and active, red when heat is painful, and so on of meat of the ginger that wants avoid to eat laborious to heat up dry fire, chili, green, hotpot, dog.

Rheumatism is by haemolysis sex streptococcic the disease of sex of a kind of whole body that cause. Phlogistic patient of cold, tracheitis, rhinitis, tympanitis, tonsil, have tonsil originally especially the person of the focus of a disease such as intumescent, dental caries, cause rheumatism more easily, bring about the fit of rheumatism sex arthritis or accentuation thereby. Winter climate is chilly, if carelessly health care, cold, tracheitis, rhinitis, tympanitis, tonsil is phlogistic easy fit. These diseases are like not active cure, streptococcic certainly will encroachs joint and heart further, cause illness aggravation.
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