The avoid certain food of rheumatism arthritis patient

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Current, folk is ill to rheumatism problem of dietary avoid certain food, have two kinds of views. One kind thinks rheumatism patient avoid certain food is very important, if eat some kind of food, the illness will be aggravating, and return gossip, this also cannot eat, that also cannot be fed, as a result affected nutrition absorb. But another kind thinks avoid certain food does not have scientific basis however, do not believe, also carelessly. These two kinds of views are not actually overall.

Food of avery kind of, have its nutrition character, but after having a disease, because disease is planted,differ, be about to have certain choice to food, whether do the treatment that basically considers a disease and certain food have contradiction. So, the problem of avoid certain food actually not quite mysterious also.

Patient of rheumatism sex arthritis if be on diet is too strict, year in year out, affect nutrient absorption instead, the rehabilitation at the disease is adverse. General in the illness fit period shoulds not be eat acrimony excitant food; Long the patient with ill taste poor function is unfavorable eat food of and so on of melon and fruit of raw or cold food, shrimp, crab, bamboo shoot more; If the patient ate some kind of food hind to feel aching,increase or allergy criterion should no longer edible; Edible fat meat and fine grain is sapid after food, the person that feel gastric embezzle bilges, must change eat delicate food; Take out answers when eating chicken fat, and do not drink boiling water solely, the soup because of fat chicken, oily amid.

Anyhow, absolutely avoid certain food, overmuch avoid certain food recovers to patient of rheumatism sex arthritis adverse, advantageous to the illness food appropriate constant edible. The person that if joint wanders,the gender aches, can eat fabaceous Chi, silkworm chrysalis, towel gourd to wait more; The person that articulatory ache is weighed, but multi-purpose the dressing such as fennel, cassia bark, Chinese prickly ash; Joint is calorific and apparent person eat the cool and refreshing food such as celery, green vegetables, fruit more.

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