The precautionary measures of rheumatism introduces

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From the point of modern medicine angle, the pathogeny interpretation of the cause of this disease has not clarify thoroughly, so, heretofore lacks tangible precautionary measures. Motherland medicine has " early to treat the point of view of not ill " . " element asks · 4 air air to the god talks greatly piece " in say: "…… husband disease already was become after that of medicine, already became what treat after that in disorder, example faze is thirsty and dig a well, fight and casting awl, not Yi Wan? "Figure ground showed the importance of precautionary disease and necessity. The basis concerns document and my old and clinical data domestic and internationally, put forward a few precautionary measures:
1 . Strive for inchoate diagnose, inchoate cure
Although this ill rate that cause damage is higher, but if obtain inchoate diagnostic as soon as possible period cure, still controallable its develop to be cured even. So, if can popularize this ill common knowledge, doctor and the patient that have symptom of concerned section gall maintain enough vigilance to this disease, can raise level of diagnosis and treatment, control illness develops, decrease the rate that cause damage and increase labor capacity.
2. Strengthen take exercise, enhance fitness
Often attend physical training or produce work, if health care is gymnastic, do breathing exercises, shadowboxing, do broadcast gymnastics, take a walk etc, have profit greatly. Fan Jian holds the person of physical training, the body is strong, disease-resistant capability is strong, very few sicken, its resist the ability that chill wet evil invades is gotten more by force than doing not have the person that pass physical training commonly much. " inside classics " saying " healthy atmosphere is put inside, the place pool that unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease cannot fight unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease of " , " , its gas needs empty " , be this truth.
3. Avoid chill Shi Xie to invade
Before major patient comes on or there is sweat to go out to wait for medical history when cold water of cool, contact before the disease has a relapse, there is main effect in putting forward these elements to develop a process in this ill happening. Spring water is more, be bud of everythings on earth, arboreous flowers and plants gemmiparous, long branch, foliation, during blossomming, also? During 100 disease of Quot; send " . At this moment, the good hair that also is rheumatoid arthritis is seasonal, so, should prevent catch a cold catch a cold, get wet in the rain and be affected with damp be affected with damp, articulatory place should notice heat preservation, do not wear wet garment, wet shoe, wet socks to wait. The summer hotly in season, not corrupt cool suffer dew, crapulence cold drink. I am in examined patient, narrate its to sleep because of lying floor of flag, cement or the person that the cold water when growing immerses and come on, be absent a few. Autumn climate is dry, but autumn wind sends bright, weather turns cool, want to prevent to suffer chill to invade, winter cold wind is biting, noticing heat preservation is the most important.
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