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General appropriate takes patient of rheumatism sex arthritis food of high protein, high quantity of heat, digestible, eat acrimony stimulation and raw or cold food, fat thing less. Food should notice the following:

(1) food wants abstemious. Food wants time, ration, soft, hard, cold, heat all wants alimental appropriate. Cannot because worry about a constitution frail, nutrition is inadequate and eat and drink too much, increase taste burden, the injury reachs digestive function.

(2) food appropriate is delicate. Patient of rheumatism sex arthritis often suffers ailment to torment, it is companion for a long time with medicaments again. When ill show effect, more tea rice is not aromatic, reason feeds appropriate delicate. Can maintain better appetite first, the taste movement that can keep better second changes a function, in order to enhance disease-resistant ability.

(3) food cannot slant be addicted to. Gallinaceous duck cruelly oppress, food crops food grains other than wheat and rice, vegetable melon and fruit all cannot be ignored, should match reasonable.

(4) is treated correctly feed fill with medicine. No matter feed,fill or medicine fills, it is beneficial to patient of rheumatism sex arthritis, but what must change a function according to illness and taste carry is strong will undertake infirmly. Although be nutrient beautiful,taste like milk, soya-bean milk, malted milk, chocolate, but the person that there are damp and hot or coating on the tongue to stick be bored with inside body, feed more abdominal distension instead and unwell, do not think food; Although ginseng, tremella, donkey-hide gelatin can fill gas raises blood, but inside taste disaccord or damp and hot accumulate person take instead does stop up gas aid  of ィ of amaranth of barren of 〔 of  of wet  chasm to prick Yu ⊥ plinth? / Br>
(5) notes dietary appropriate fear. Course of diseases of some of patient of rheumatism sex arthritis is longer, if the be on diet after sicken is too strict, agelong with the passing of time, affect nutrient absorption, adverse to the rehabilitation of the disease. It is OK to say patient of rheumatism sex arthritis commonly edible any food, need not avoid certain food. Just be in acute period or acute fit, when joint is red and glowing, unfavorable the food that eats acrimony stimulation; Long ill taste empty is cold person, feed and so on of melon and fruit of raw or cold food and shrimp, crab, bamboo shoot less. Once the illness is stable, avoid certain food can relax.

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