Of patient of rheumatism sex arthritis nurse

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Of patient of rheumatism sex arthritis nurse commonly have:

(The building that 1) lives should exposed to the sun, ventilated, dry, maintain indoor air fresh, bed wants level, bedding warms gently dry, often wash bask in. Do not sleep in blast tuyere place lie.
(2) washs facial water to want to use Wen Shui. Wash a foot in the evening, hot water should dip comes step on articulatory above, time is controlled in 15 minutes, in order to make free of current of lower limbs blood.

(3) sweat goes out more person, want to be wiped with dry towel, dress clothes by answer to change in time after sweat is wet, wash bask in, avoid catch cold catch cold to suffer wet; Nightly occurrence night sweat person, can add water with gallnut pink smooth, the apply before sleeping at navel; The person that big constipation writtens guarantee, answer to eat vegetable, fruit more, maintain defecate unobstructed.

(Patient of arthritis of 4) rheumatism sex should eat food of high protein, high quantity of heat, digestible, eat the food of raw or cold food, fat, acrimony stimulation less. (5) notices climate changes, when weather revulsion is cold, add the dress in time. Notice heat preservation, precaution catchs a cold.

(6) maintains good psychosis, treat a disease correctly, cannot angst is impatient, the mood is low, also have to care. Want to be good at abstaining, effort study, work actively, happy life. Maintain breadth of mind broad.

(7) insists to exercise, enhance a constitution, increase oneself disease-resistant capacity.

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