How to prevent wind damp and hot

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Hot to rheumatism, depend on preventing above all. Because wind damp and hot is — ,plant polygene hereditary disease, one class relative of the patient (namely brethren, children) come on the risk is 10 % ~ 20 % , the tall hair risk that exceeds on medical genetics 10 % is led. Because rheumatism is hot good hair is mixed at children teenage, and easy development is disease of valve of rheumatism sex heart, because this is right damp and hot having wind is familial history person, need to take seriously especially: Improve labor and living conditions, the bedroom is due and good ventilated aerate, avoid chill and moisture, prevent cold heat preservation, prevent infection of the upper respiratory tract; Affect to the acute that streptococcic place causes, be like acute tonsil sore throat of phlogistic, acute; Should give proper treatment; Physical training is strengthened when wait, increase healthy level and strength.
The precaution of wind damp and hot, the key depends on control and preventing streptococcic infection, the precaution of the precaution that sends first namely and recrudesce. When streptococcic infection is popular or fashionable district, can undertake preventive with medicine. The recrudescent rate that takes the person that heat up to producing rheumatism to undertake precautionary this disease commonly is dirty pathological changes of 60 % small B to worsen repeatedly about can cause death. Because streptococcic reinfection is caused,recrudesce is normally, see more at coming on first hind a year of less than. Accordingly, must prevent streptococcic reinfection. In antibiotic, penicillin is streptococcic antiseptic, and do not send generation to be able to bear or endure property of a medicine, regard the first selection that prevents wind damp and hot as medicaments all the time. Long dare penicillin children 600 thousand unit, grow up 1.2 million unit, inject inside flesh, every 3 weeks 1. Go to already the method that advocates every 4 weeks of inject 1 times, because time interval is too long; Can't maintain chroma of effective blood drug, can produce precautionary failure sometimes. Allergic to penicillin person, with erythromycin 0. 25 grams profess to convinced, daily 2; Or sulphanilamide pyrimidine 0. 5 grams profess to convinced, daily 2, want to observe leucocyte closely in application, reduce disease happening in order to prevent white blood cell. As to should prevent how long after all, should the fit frequency of damp and hot of the age according to the patient, streptococcic easy feeling degree, wind; Have do not have valve ill bequeath and decide. Altogether year of young patient, damp and hot of element of high easy feeling, wind has a relapse for many times reach the person that contract valve disease, its prevent the time that use drug to should be lengthened as far as possible, lifelong even applying. But to only arthritis, or long-term observation does not have the classics after rheumatism is hot to have a relapse again, or the person that do not have valve ill bequeath, prevent time to be able to shorten. Least precaution reachs children patient 18 years old. Grown disease At, 3- is not short at 5 years.
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