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Arthritis of senile bone sex calls bone joint disease again or retreat travel sex arthritis. It is the chronic illness with common old people suffers from, main effect loads articulatory. This ill cent sends a gender to send gender and afterwards formerly two kinds. Former hair sex does not have what reason, belong to articulatory itself to retreat change be caused by. Afterwards hair sex is common at traumatic hind, frame-up, joint has restoration of body of fracture hind legs deformation and bodily form are fat wait for an element to cause. Osteoarthritis is return affection of travel sex joint chronically, main symptom is articulatory ache, articulatory antrum accumulates fluid, the systemic symptom that Dan Moming shows. Hematic examination all belongs to normal limits.

(One) joint of knee joint bone is ill

Old people is common ill, especially fat woman sees more. Come on slow, begin to have after articulatory activity spend sour tired feeling gently, the floor leaves on or crouch next standing up that accentuate sorely, walk along flat symptom to reduce. The joint after the activity is much spends strut gently, fluid is accumulated inside occurrence joint antrum sometimes. When articulatory antrum has free system, can appear joint hands in a lock (card lives) symptom. If joint is complete unbend and inflectional, mobile part suffers be restricted, occurrence noise, articulatory brim has tenderness, skeletal acute can arise when chafing with femur joint painful. Later period joint is extensive and proliferous, cartilage organizes ossification, occurrence bursa of loose simple character is venereal at the same time change. Pathological changes evolution can appear badly out knee (a few evaginate) deformation, it is more difficult to walk. Through medical history, symptom, body ask forring, attune the line checks OK and clear examine to break.

The family nurses point

1, diagnose clear. Below patient bearable circumstance, as far as possible mobile knee joint, crouch next standing up activity, daily 3, every time 10 minutes. Can make medical treatment gymnastic, strong and handsome hold, shadow boxing, reduce via exercising a symptom, lest produce joint inflexible, can carry articulatory territory better.

2, physical cure, candle cure, hot compress, massage, the acupuncture result with have certain. Local also can brush an agent with safflower oil, help him up forest the cure such as emulsion. If ache is apparent, still can do close cure, but must treat to the hospital, lest cause infection.

3, ache is apparent, can take the drug such as beautiful laborious of candy of Buluofen, ammonia, antiphlogistic and acetanilide. But do not take hormone, take dosage to should ask to take by the doctor.

4, the symptom is serious, affect articulatory function, can consider an operation, make art of artificial genu displacement. But do an operation to answer particularly discreet, seek advice more, with patient symptom conform to, decide by the doctor whether operation.
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