The winter health care of rheumatism patient

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After snow, weather becomes unusually gloomy and cold, brought tremendous anguish to rheumatism patient. Director Zhou reminds: Must notice in gloomy and cold weather: Want to notice heat preservation above all. When having outdoors activity must according to dress of weather situation increase and decrease, gloomy and cold place goes less; Should maintain bedroom warmth next dry, build a warm environment to joint; Want to notice to absorb protein nutrition finally. Eat legume food more, xian Niu suckles tipple, to preventing rheumatism, reduce arthralgia to have better effect.
In the meantime, because treat this kind of ill medicaments many, the expert suggests rheumatism patient or the patient that have rheumatism symptom want to come to a hospital in time to see a doctor, contact with our doctor more, accept guidance, must not take medicine at random.

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