The food of rheumatoid arthritis is treated

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Whether does control food have remedial effect to RA, up to now still open to question. Very long since, people suits the cookbook of RA patient through the design ceaselessly, try to examine through the experiment, do not agree as a result however. Be in early 1935, the Bancer that American hemp visits total hospital studied 6 kinds are the recipe that arthritic patient devises, discover they do not have the effect at all to RA later. Additional, a few examine the research of dietary therapy effect, have very hard contrast strictly, the result that gets consequently often gets the controversy of people. Nevertheless, be in a few research or can see, cure of drink food therapy is to be able to rise to alleviate to some RA patient of semiotic action.

The likelihood that cure of drink food therapy improves patient arthritis symptom the reason is many sided, curative effect may be the result that collaboration of a variety of element put together use. No less than comforts an agent to be able to alleviate the symptom of a lot of diseases is same, control food may produce the effect of psychotherapy to the patient. Of the symptom alleviate lack objective standard mostly, main by the patient subjective experience will explain. Nevertheless, the effect time that comforts an agent is compared commonly brief, long-term food treats the effect that makes the symptom alleviates, cannot be being regarded is one kind comforts agent effect.

Foregone energy shortage can affect immune reaction, the RA patient that accepts cure of drink food therapy often has lose weight, because,this is adipose absorb reductive cause. Heat energy decreases cause immune reaction to be restrained, those who be helpful for RA patient symptom alleviate. Must emphasize, still explain without sufficient evidence dietary cure can transform up to now the course of diseases of RA, consequently cure of food therapy of separate application drink is incorrect, cure of drink food therapy can as alleviate a kind of of patient symptom auxiliary measure. Adjust food correctly, also be one of measures that prevent semiotic reappearance. Because drink the view of food therapy cure to differ, the method that people place uses also is put in difference. Basically have two kinds of kind, it is " compensatory cure " , 2 for " cancel cure " . Alleged complement is treated, be lacked inside system of compensatory RA patient namely or to alleviating the food with good symptom, basically be fish oil and nocturnal cherry careless oil. In addition, mussel of New Zealand green lip, Selenium, vitamin, alga, royal jelly, apple, vinegar, garlic, honey all is RA patient place extensively to use, these alimental dosage, have not make clear. But general dosage is bigger, if somebody reports high dose fish oil (54mg/kgEPA 36mg/kgDHA) is right alleviate therapeutics of fish oil of effect excel small dose (27mg/kgEPA 18mg/kgDHA) . Take the poisonous side effect that these additional provision may produce to large dose, and economic problem, have not get study adequately. Alleged cancel cure, the patient in food of main take out cannot be able to bear or endure the food that get is like corn, milk products, red meat kind, certain fruit. The patient cannot be able to bear or endure the food that get decides phyleticly, can use following methods: Give a patient abstinence, after waiting for a symptom to alleviate, give gradually cause the most easily do not be able to bear or endure the food that get, till semiotic accentuation, can find " culprit " . Abstinence, be " cancel cure " in most the method that often uses, also be right alleviate the symptom is the most effective. Can be a patient cannot termless abstinence, after often resuming food and drink, the patient's symptom can appear again even before overweight is abstinence. Blind undertakes abstinence, go against the patient's health instead. Because of this this one method use, must mix in the doctor's guidance supervise next undertaking.
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