The food that makes rheumatoid arthritis symptom aggravating

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Have grain (wheaten, cereal, oaten, rye) , the fruit that milk, milk products, tea, coffee, orange belongs to. Undesirable reaction may produce after the patient eats these food, make the clinical symptom accentuation of RA causes a patient to not be able to bear or endure about these food the account that get, have a variety of explanations, include path of allergic, bowel to connect among them appear a gender to increase to with bowel bacterium group maladjusted etc. Food especially without digesting complete certain macromolecule material, have stronger antigen sex, can cause the allergic reaction of airframe. This kind of allergy reacts, unlike general I model exceed quick reaction, because be in the blood circulation of most patient, the generation that does not have a large number of IgE and grow in quantity of cell of acidity of be addicted to. And what most author reported to there is IgG level inside patient system is elevatory. After the patient edible milk that if not be able to bear or endure to milk,gets, the quantity of complex matter increases the 4 antibody of IgG  that milk fights in blood and immunity of IgG  milk. After the patient edible that if wheat is not able to bear or endure,suffers to corn is wheaten, the IgA in blood kind rheumatism factor and antibody of IgG of the albumen that fight cereal increase, this likelihood and accentuation of symptom of RA patient arthritis are concerned. Some authors put forward a kind " across is able to bear or endure suffer " hypothesis, think RA comes on the alternate reaction with HLA element is concerned. If some is planted,cell of slippery film of food component and patient joint has collective antigen sex, be in after absorbing this kind of food, level of the IgG in causing blood is elevatory, igG action at slippery film cell, appear a series of reaction, can bring about arthritic generation and accentuation. Alvine path mucous membrane has the effect that prevents content of alvine antrum content to enter airframe. In RA patient, this one protective screen is fought phlogistic drug like the body that be not steriod by medicaments, or alvine path pathogenic bacteria, even the destruction of disease itself. Mucous membrane produces inflammation, connect consequently appear a gender to increase, make a lot of was not waited to enter blood stream by antigen of digestive food macromolecule, bacterium, the patient that lacks to having IgA particularly this kind of case is more severe. Enter the antigen inside body, arrive at joint along with blood stream, cell of film be slippinged is absorbed, cause unusual expression of HLA  DR, give T the cell antigen submission, cause immune reaction thereby, can make arthritic symptom aggravating.

In serious diarrhoea or the patient that use antibiotic for a long time, the bacterium in alvine path group produce change, bowel connect fully the gender can release a toxin because of the bacterium and heighten, make bacterial antigen enters airframe. These are harmful microbial multiply is likely some plants hang on specific food. Absorb this kind of food, make pathogenic bacteria breed in great quantities, produce a large number of toxin, and RA patient often is accompanied those who have fixed rate is hidebound, what cannot arise to have alexipharmic effect enoughly is enzymatic, make toxin and bacterial antigen enter system easily inside, the symptom of aggravating arthritis.
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