Medicinal food of rigidity sex rachitis

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Congee of 1) laurel oar: Cinnamonic 2 ~ 3g, rice 50 ~ 100g, brown sugar is right amount. Will cinnamonic decoct takes concentrated juice to go broken bits, reoccupy rice boils congee, after the boil that wait for congee, transfer into cinnamonic juice reachs brown sugar, boil together for congee, or with cinnamonic end 1 ~ 2g transfers into be boiled together inside congee take feed. Apply to the person that rigidity sex rachitis belongs to sth resembling a net of cold wet block. (Congee of 2) Job's tears: 150g of Job's tears benevolence, field mint 15g, jingjie 15g, 15g of very light blue, fabaceous Chi 50g. Use Chi of field mint, jingjie, very light blue, beans clear water 1500ml, decoct of the slow fire after be being burned 10 minutes, filter takes Yuan Zhicheng within the bowl, pour castration broken bits, boiler abluent, boiler will be entered after Job's tears benevolence is abluent inside, infuse medicine juice, boil on buy fire extremely craze of Job's tears benevolence is crisp sodden can edible. Apply to rigidity sex rachitis to belong to the person that liver kidney deficiency of yin with irritability holds rheumatism block sth resembling a net concurrently.

(Soup of 3) Xue Fenglu muscle: Do cervine muscle 200g, xue Lian spends 3g, dawdle piece 50g, gallinaceous foot 200g, ham 25g, gourmet powder 5g, 10g of carry on wine, shang Ge of ginger, very light blue, salt, top is right amount.

Make: After ① adds cervine muscle leach bubble 2 days, cut point to a next boiler, add wine of ginger, green, carry on and water, take out cervine muscle cook over a slow fire fully. ② chicken foot is ironed with boiled water fully, shuck off Huang Yi, behead goes ungual needle, tear open go big bone, put kettle inside; Jiang Xuelian uses gauze bag after the flower is abluent loose outfit puts jug inside, cervine muscle, ham is put again above piece, dawdle piece, join wine of a soup, carry on, ginger, very light blue, basket steam comes cervine muscle on ripe soft when take out (about 2 hours of) , filter gives former soup, shang Zhong joins gourmet powder, salt, jar is entered after agitate divide evenly inside again evaporate half hours, take out can edible. Apply to rachitis of sex of sth resembling a net of liver kidney deficient empty, cold wet block rigidity.

(4) snowflake chicken broth: Dangshen 150g, xue Lian spends 30g, high mountain joins 15g, yi benevolence 1000g, smooth chicken 10kg, ginger 50g, 50g of very light blue.

Make: ① gallinaceous butcher hind, go wool and splanchnic, abluent mix into enters clear water 40kg. Lotus of ② general dangshen, snow is abluent cut 4cm to grow paragraph, high mountain ginseng cuts 01cm thick piece, had wrapped with gauze, put into boiler. Job's tears benevolence is abluent in wrapping Yi Fang additionally to enter boiler with gauze, join ginger, very light blue at the same time, use flourishing first boil of igneous general soup, convert slow fire stews 2 ~ 3 hours or so can. Hew of chicken of ③ fish out of square of 2 ~ 3cm piece, put into the bowl by ration, again what thoroughly cook fish out of Job's tears benevolence, unlock trembles medicinal powder, cent is scattered into the bowl, add medical boiling water, flavor slightly with salt can edible. Apply to lienal kidney Xu Han, rachitis of sex of rheumatism block sth resembling a net rigidity.
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