Candy is coriaceous hormone kind medicaments has what side effect

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Because coriaceous hormone is had,fight apparently phlogistic, fight allergy and immune inhibition, reason applies in the cure of rheumatism widely, can arise Thespian the effect like. But the side-effect because of its clearly, harmful response can appear below the case that passes time of big, cure to grow too in dosage especially.

(1) erupts simultaneously or accentuation affects: Because hormone controls airframe inflammation and defence response, the influence of the element such as disease of together with foundation, cause airframe to be opposite the easy sensibility of a variety of pathogen.

(2) central nervous complication: Excited, insomnia, depressed, dependence.

(3) endocrine reachs metabolization system: Centrality fat, diabetic, sexual desire drops, menstruation is maladjusted reach much wool to wait.

(4) digestion: Light person abdominal distension, bellyacke, pantothenic acid, the person that weigh produces ulcer, haemorrhage and perforation.

(5) cardiovascular system: Palpitation, hypertensive, arteriosclerosis.

(6) campaign system: Sex of asepsis of osteoporosis, bone is necrotic wait with myapathies.

(7) skin behaves: Facial erythema, violet grain, thin and easy fragile skin.

(8) is right head issueing grave -- hypophysis -- the inhibition of adrenal coriaceous system: Restrain children to grow development, owe nitrogen balance, calcic, Potassium owes a balance.

(9) is other: Cause cataract, glaucoma, cut heal is undesirable etc.

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