Candy is coriaceous hormone kind what does medicaments have

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Candy is coriaceous hormone kind medicaments divides short, medium, lasting effect according to its plasma half-life 3 kinds. Serous half-life is to show the serous chroma of medicaments drops the time of the half, its accident has nothing to do with serous chroma below most circumstance, it mirrors medicaments inside body excrete, biology is changed reach the rate that store. Biology half-life is to show medicaments drops the time of the half. Tell serous half-life and biology half-life to show positive to involve a concern commonly. Short effect hormone includes: Hydrogenation cortisone, cortisone. Effect hormone includes in: Prednisone, prednisone dragon, methylic prednisone dragon, go phlogistic pine. Lasting effect hormone includes: The pine of rice of ground a place of strategic importance, times medicine such as his Mi Song.

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