Rheumatism avoids the advantage with operable medicine of epidemic disease Chine

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Chinese traditional medicine has “ much composition, much target to choose the action of ” , sex of much to cause of disease of rheumatism immunity disease source has good specific aim, and Chinese traditional medicine the integral sex of medicine made of two or more ingredients, complexity, flexibility, can produce an advantage more when treating this disease. It is at present in the prevention and cure of rheumatism immunity disease, application of combination of Chinese traditional medicine, Western medicine is very general, also existing to cross the random, phenomenon that crosses excessive with medicine, same medicaments dosage the difference is very big, this kind of circumstance wastes medicaments not only, increase patient economy burden, and the Jie that returns meeting occurrence medicaments is fought, medicaments side-effect. Chinese traditional medicine and method of ” of assorted cold dishes of “ of the avoid by all means when Western medicine applies jointly. Rheumatism immunity disease often produces an organization to be short of blood to injure because of circular obstacle, generation “ heats up ” of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, ” of “ poisonous evil, treat ” of evil of appropriate “ dispel, “ is helped up ” , choose clear hot alexipharmic Chinese traditional medicine to fight bacterium, cleared immunity complex matter, fight inflammation reaction, fight endotoxin and freedom base the ” of “ dispel evil that waits for a function, use at the same time be good at lienal beneficial kidney, “ helps the Chinese traditional medicine of blood of gas of take a tonic to build up health up ” , enhance the immune function of airframe, protection is short of hematic cell, defend the calcic steady state of the cell that be short of blood. The change that should follow “ card ” strictly when clinical choice Chinese traditional medicine so goes be being applied neatly, card represented ” of airframe “ evil and “ the change of ” , this chooses the suit of Chinese traditional medicine to nod just about. Of Western medicine cut, if fight phlogistic, curb to avoid,wait, the put oneself in another's position that cuts is asked for, the opportunity, dosage, method research that also needs development, should achieve quantify standardization to still need much work. Professor Zhou emphasizes pointing out, in process of treatment of rheumatism immunity sickness, advantage of the Western medicine in must be being advocated is complementary, remedial method wants diversity, remedial purpose wants much target place, go up by treated base in card of differentiate of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine reasonable choose Western medicine, treat inside with outside order photograph union. Union of photograph of the Western medicine in be being developed adequately diagnoses the characteristic advantage that goes up with cure in rheumatism immunity disease, with period as soon as possible, as early as possible, all remove very the sufferings of patient of rheumatism immunity disease.

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