Prescription of series of soup of Wen Jingfu arteries and veins applies mediumly

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Disease of Reynolds family name calls Reynolds family name syndrome again, it is end of a kind of former limb that send a gender disease of arterial convulsion sex. Because suffer the effect of cold element, ill incidence of a disease of family name of our country northward Reynolds is apparent prep above is southern, this disease sees more with the female, arterial convulsion reason had be notted make clear. After main show is catch cold catch cold and rage, finger (toe) change of the paroxysmal cadaverous, violet Gan of skin occurrence model, wet red sex, the hand points to frozen, coma; Long treat antrum of small arterial canal is narrow after healing, add and out-of-the-way, point to (foot) end appears crustaceous model change, ulcer or be short of courage and uprightness bad stop. The card that the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks this disease belongs to limb of motherland medicine “ to go against cold ” awaits limits. " all pathogeny await work " empty fatigue limb goes against cold state account: Place of “ passages through which vital energy circulates goes all result brothers, empty fatigue criterion courage and uprightness declines caustic, cannot Wenji limb, reason limb is gone against cold also. Chairman ” full waits to consider to think via old with great concentration, because of,this disease is lienal kidney deficiency of yang, hold feeling cold evil concurrently, in relief gas is decadent cannot warm limb and send. Prescription of series of soup of Wen Jingfu arteries and veins, fill essence of life to help this world, arteries and veins of lukewarm stimulate the menstrual flow, assist changes silt with invigorate the circulation of blood, be good at lienal strong anything resembling a tendon or vein, make passages through which vital energy circulates be able to Wen Tong, nerve blood-vessel function restores and heal

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