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In us in clinical work of 20 years, carry many clinical practice and experimental research, because interpretation of the cause is complex,we think rheumatism immunity disease is ill, the patient differs because of district again, habits and customs is different, come on time length remedial process is different, different, come on the individual difference with inducement is different and constant presence, be in clinical the show that attends to again can cold, hot, empty, fact waits to be the same as. If use a kind of remedy, although also can make a patient temporary,with a kind the method is treated the symptom alleviates, but will naturally attend to one thing and lose another, and the fraud of fact of the false or true that extend theory, not can from go up at all solve rheumatism immunity disease to be led to incomplete tall, illness hard pilot problem.
Adj 8 laws union treats a pain or numbness caused by cold rheumatism immunity is ill, it is me on the foundation that 20 years clinical practice and experiment study director of week of center of treatment of disease of courtyard rheumatism immunity, full chairman, induct the new gain that dismisses epidemic disease domestic and internationally to research a field in rheumatism extensively. With the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine adj theory treat for the foundation, combine the pathology of rheumatism immunity disease to change, founded immune promote blood circulation by invigorating vital energy 8 laws, treat rheumatism immunity disease. This method combines 8 kinds of therapeutics organicly according to different situation of the patient rise, accomplished pair of disease to use drug truly, adj use a method, have very strong specific aim to the rheumatism immunity disease of all sorts of types, make the cure of rheumatism immunity disease had revolutionary progress, realized the leap on curative effect thereby, what confirm all sorts of pair of rheumatism immunity disease via a large number of clinical summary is businesslike 98.8 % , cure rate 92 % , lead position is in in bound of domestic and international medicine.
One, invigorate the circulation of blood opens way of pain or numbness caused by cold:
Rheumatism immunity disease comes on with the passing of time, have apparent haemal circulation obstacle and small loop obstacle, accordingly, invigorate the circulation of blood changes silt, disappear firm medicinal powder knot, improve small loop, increase perfusion of limbs blood stream, stimulative inflammation subsidise, prevent bone to destroy, cleared immunity is compound the content, key that preventing ligament sclerosis is cure. Our classics studies for years, use the Chinese traditional medicine such as art of 3 arris, E, Liu Jinu, bloodsucker. Can change silt to know wind, can keep clear of again complex matter is in immunity articulatory deposit, can rise to improve haemal circulation very well, stimulative joint organizes repair, remove the effect such as parenchyma inflammation, to rachitis of sex of rheumatism sex arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rigidity, sicken with the passing of time, long treat the stubborn sex disease that does not heal to all have very good curative effect.
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